Monday, March 28, 2011

Rockman Zero "resonnant vie" Soundtrack Announced

Ippo Yamada was expected to unveil his latest soundtrack this week, and it looks like E-Capcom has let the cat out of the bag: Rockman Zero -resonnant vie-

Resonnant vie will release nationwide in Japan on April 21st (April 30 for E-Capcom) for 2,000 Yen or roughly $24.48 USD. The album contains a grand total of 13 acoustic arrangements of a variety of Rockman Zero songs, a concept reflected in the very term “resonant vie", which is said to use organic, non-electronic instruments to express the outlook of machine based lifeforms.

In first, Ippo Yamada will be standing in as producer while Luna Umegaki will be responsible for arranging the music. Further, it is said the album will include a special jacket illustrated by series artist Toru Nakayama, and a 12 page full color booklet featuring commentary and notes from Yamada and Umegaki.

Keep an eye out on Inti Creates for the inevitable track samples!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Thats a very beautiful CD cover , Toru Nakayama sure does draws very good covers for the Zero soundtracks

  2. Haven't we got enough Rockman Zero soundtracks? :/

    It's like NiS and their whoring out with Disgaea. IntiCreates is obsessed with shoving it down our throats that they made Rockman Zero.

    We get it, guys. You made Rockman Zero.

  3. Cool! I can't wait to hear the track samples!

  4. @Amir
    Rockman Zero Albums are like cheese.
    You can never have too many as long as they are good.

  5. Slightly disappointing that the new soundtrack was Rockman Zero-related and thus not related to a new game or series, but that's pretty much what I expected anyway. Oh well.

  6. @Rockman: While I do agree with you on the sentiment (I really do), I can see what Amir means. Also "Too much of anything, even (cheese) isn't necessarily a good thing."

  7. @Rockman:

    Actually, too much cheese is bad. You get sick of the taste, and you also realize you're getting fat as fuck.

    Oh wait, I'd be surprised if even 50% of the people here know what personal hygiene is.

    Or the sun.

    inb4rageposts :3

  8. @Rockman:

    Not really. I hate cheese, and along with the smell, just simply looking at it makes me want to vomit.

  9. Rockman Zero music is ookay, but compared to classic and X, I don't really consider myself a huge fan of it.

  10. don't know why they always make some stupid's résonante vie not resonnant

  11. dear capcom
    check the spelling before selling?
    Lol it's "résonnante vie" and even in french, it sounds dumb.

  12. What are there? 6 Rockman Zero albums?
    Too much cheese?
    I can think of at least 10 distinct cheeses that have good flavour.

    And how do you "Get sick of the taste" when several of them have different flavours to begin with? Also, getting fat from eating different flavours of cheese? I said, "Many", not, "Much."

    PS: Woo! Ad Hominem! It's like I'm really on GameFAQs.

    PPS: Some people don't like cheese. Some people don't like Rockman Zero music.

  13. does anyone know how to contact Yamada-san? a friend of mine wants permission to do a orchestra departure.

    btw great album art, can't wait to see what music is in this.

  14. As long as they pick some of the better tracks of the series, I don't mind this development at all.

  15. *Sigh*

    That announcement a week ago? Ippo already confirmed that it was Rockman Zero-related then, it's just Protodude must have goofed up with his news post.

    It's pointless to be all "Awww, why couldn't it have been a different series instead" now.

  16. ... How'd we get an argument about cheese on here? (Oh right, Rockman's first comment..) *ignores cheese conversation*

    ANYWAY, I don't see a problem with another RMZ album. I kinda like the RMZ music, anyway~.

  17. YEESSSSSSSSSSssssss...

  18. they definitely don’t know french that’s for sure!

    the good term for this is : vie résonnante

    it’s always fun to see error like that in official titles, i mean it’s not difficult to translate one single term right?

    (and sorry for my english, if there are some errors, i’ve got one excuse : IT’S NOT A THING THAT I’LL SELL, :) )

  19. Not sure if want.

    It's kinda hard to imagine a Zero soundtrack without the rock... Here's hoping they do an awesome job!

  20. hmm i might go ahead and get this for my friend. oh i forgot to say that my friend also wants to do a jazz version departure too. is that sort of thing allowed? there gotta be some way to contact yamada-san for permission.

  21. Your best bet at contacting him, Tenchi, would be through Twitter. I doubt he knows much English, so perhaps you can seek the help of a computer translater to get your message across.

  22. thanx Protodude, we'll give it a try.

  23. Dude protodude i love the art work! See i'm calling a new Zero game soon or possibly new ZX something this year

  24. Why do I even bother with checking the comments, when I know for certain that there will be overly stupid arguments going on?

    Oh well, having enjoyed Ippo Yamada's work in the past I'll probably buy this album too.

  25. OMG, Tenchi-X?!!! Talking about ME, are ya?!!! XD

    LOL Everyone, please forgive Tenchi-X, he is a friend of mine... I didn't realize he posted comments here about contacting Mr. Yamada. Just the other day I've mentioned to Tenchi-X that I found out a new Mega Man Zero album was announced, and that also I've been thinking about doing an orchestral version and a jazz version of the "Departure" track as music projects just for fun and ONLY fun, that is if I got permission. He got excited about the new Mega Man Zero album and probably decided to ask the question here, because he knows I visit this blog. Sorry! He's got some 'splaining to do. -_-*

    @Protodude: Hey, thank you anyway, I really appreciate the advice about contacting Mr. Yamada, regardless of Tenchi-X's unexpected reveal of these arrangement ideas. Unfortunately I don't have a Twitter account (didn't think I'd need it), but might consider signing up for one soon, maybe even just for this. I DO want to be legal about doing arrangements of a work by one of the most prolific minds in Mega Man music. Hope I'm not being silly about it all... I believe it would be a good challenge.

    Uh... I gotta think this over... but I'll probably hold off on these projects for a while. :(

  26. sorry alyssa. please forgive me?

  27. @Tenchi-X

    I know I already said so, but since you put it here too: Yes, of course I forgive you. :)

    Just don't go on posting around about the *planned* music projects anywhere, okay? I know you had good intentions. Now... subject dropped. :)

    By the way, you can get the Rockman Zero album for yourself, and I'll get my own copy. That way, we can BOTH support the Rockman Zero music. :D

    How's that sound?

  28. @alyssa w

    yeeaahhhhh !!!

  29. The more soundtrack the more fanz will be happy right and I feel like there's an upcomming megman ero game maybe for 3ds.

  30. The more soundtrack the more fanz will be happy right and I feel like there's an upcomming megman zero game maybe for 3ds.

    sorry double posting because of my typo :>

  31. I think the Inticrates and capcom the company like the fans go rage at the next Megaman Zero look they even make a new sountrack.

  32. Oh no I mean Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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