Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Captivate 2011 Kicks Off Next Week

Once every Spring, Capcom USA holds their annual pre-E3 press event: Captivate. The show, exclusive to members of the gaming press and select Capcom Unity members, is home to new game reveals and updates on currently in-development projects. Come next week, that time will be upon us once more.

According to a post by jgonzo, Captivate 2011 will begin some time next week in Miami. While we don't know for sure just what titles will be shown off, the least we can hope for is some mention of Mega Man Universe and perhaps even Legends 3. Of course, there's always the possibility of something new surfacing, too, but I'm not counting on it.

The exact date of when Captivate will take place is unknown, but there's been some whispers of April 4. Also, don't count on news from the event to hit next week; there's usually a NDA set in place that prevents news from trickling out until the following week.

Hopefully, the Unity crew will drop a few hints as to what we can expect from the show. I'm holding out for an MMU update, myself. If not then, perhaps at E3!


  1. Two bits of news I want to hear:

    1) Legends 3 gets the green light.

    2) X1 hits the US Virtual Console.

  2. I'm not exactly a die-hard Legends fan or anything, but I'm a lot more excited for that than I am about Mega Man Universe. Honestly, that game is shaping up to be the worst game in the Classic series since Mega Man: Battle & Chase.

  3. ^
    This coming from someone who probably hasn't even played MMU.

  4. I see nothing about MMU that is so terrible that it needs to be canceled. If they're taking time and tweaking some of the look and the gameplay, it still might turn out to be a good game.

    Which is what I'd really like to have happen.

    As far as Legends 3, I think they will release it. Everything so far's looked great.

    I hope we fans don't talk Capcom out of making more MM games, honestly. You can always vote with your wallet.

  5. ^
    or Battle & Chase.

  6. @Anonymous #2 & 4 (assuming you're two different people):

    Number one, yes, I have played Mega Man: Battle & Chase. It was part of Mega Man X Collection, and it was a complete and total waste of time to unlock. In addition to a horrid graphical style (even by Playstation standards), it had terrible controls, extremely slow gameplay, and whatever else I might have missed. The only good thing about that game was the racecar designs, and that's it.

    Secondly, I may not have played Mega Man Universe, but I honestly don't see a single redeeming quality that game has to offer. In addition to being another Mega Man 2 circlejerk (as Krazy Monkey would put it), that game also has a terrible art style, sluggish controls (according to the people who played it when it was announced back in September), and a terrible character roster. Need I go on?

  7. I'm almost willing to bet we don't hear a hint of anything Mega Man-related at this year's Captivate. Watch Capcom prove me right. Just watch them.

    (I hope I'm not of course, but given how badly Capcom has treated the franchise lately... yeah.)

  8. @Anon -
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Mega Man Universe, in its previous form, was complete and utter trash.

    Hopefully, all this time off the radar means that they went back to the drawing board and redesigned it from the concept phase on up (assuming it hasn't been cancelled outright, which is what it's starting to look like). Because honestly, if they had released the game they were making, it would have been a complete embarrassment, especially for people who really do love the Mega Man series.

    (I'm refraining from saying "the Mega Man community," because I've found that very few in the community actually love the franchise even though they pretend to.)

  9. What, now the new Hatedom is for Battle & Chase? -_-

    What's next, after a few months, the Classic fans are gonna start hating on MM1 and 6?

  10. I just got my 3DS, and dang am I excited for Legends 3.

    I wish MMU were a 3DS/Wii title.

  11. Battle & Chase was pretty good actually.

    People only 'hate' it merely because it was a spin-off title.

    I'm surprised people aren't calling "Right and Wily's Rockboard: That's Paradise" the 'worst'.

  12. @Amir:

    I'm sorry, but I just wasn't very impressed with that game. I've tried to enjoy it; I've given it several chances, and I just didn't find it fun to play. Its mediocre gameplay just threw me off completely.

  13. @Axem: "that game is shaping up to be the worst game in the Classic series since Mega Man: Battle & Chase."

    GET OUT.

  14. @Rufus:

    Yeah, you know what? Piss off. I have the right to like or dislike any game I please. Like it or not, I'm entitled to an opinion.

    While we're on the subject, I might as well say this: A few weeks ago, I remember Krazy Monkey saying that disagreeing with the general public around this blog seems to get you on everyone's hate list. Thank you very much for proving that point.

  15. @Axem White
    The japanese version is much much better. Faster gameplay, better controls, race commentary, voice acting, character interviews, better endings, more extras etc

    Looks like you have only played the Mega Man X Collection one, no wonder why you hate it, it is a poor adaptation of a great game, even among inafune favorite mega man games(megaman official complete works).

  16. I wouldn't say Battle & Chase is the worst in the classic series, but it's certainly not a good game by any means =/

  17. Battle and Chase was total rubbish. XD You guys get worked up over the strangest things.

  18. @Forteman:

    Really? I knew that they made a few minor changes, such as removing Plum and a few other characters, but I had no idea the changes were this drastic. It sounds like they watered the game down far more than I imagined.

  19. Look I'm happy for Megaman 2 and Battle & Chase, and I'ma let you finish hating on them, but Megaman Starforce 2 and Megaman Soccer were the worst Megaman games of all time! OF ALL TIME!

  20. There's a rumor that Lupinko posted that some more MvC3 DLC characters are going to be revealed at this event. He also posted a list of 14 DLC characters Capcom has planned. X was on that list. I'm personally hoping it's legit. :)

  21. *Sigh* I'm going to admit, seeing the (almost) daily squabbles here is a bit entertaining. It just never ends.

    On topic, hoping that they'll announce something new there, even if it'll just be tidbits.

  22. @ Chaotix12345: I heard about that. Chances are very high that it's an impostor that provided that list, because Lupinko has yet to comment on this list through his Twitter or through NeoGAF.

    If it was real, he'd be shoving it down everyone's throats on both sites right about now.

  23. Whatever it is somebody will rage about how it's the worst thing to ever happen. Doesn't matter what Capcom tries you've all already decided they can't win.

  24. You know it's sad when you can't express your opinion without someone attacking you. That being said I thought Battle and Chase was pretty good.

    The worst MM spin off in my opinion was Wily Wars. The three journey to the west bosses were lackluster, their stages were short and boring, sprites were horribly inconsistent throughout the game (Protoman was half the height of Mega Man...), some horrible Wily tunes (which are usually the best in a MM game. Except for the final wily stage in Wily Wars, that song rocks my socks) made me dislike the game, but the ability to use weapons from different MM games was the one saving grace in Wily Wars. If Capcom was smart they would do something similar in Mega Man Universe.

    I hope we hear something about Mega man Universe at Captivate, what with Sven saying the game has undergone major changes... I'm sure we'll see something about Legends 3 as well.

    Hopefully that rumor that Capcom is planning something big for MM's 25th anniversary at E3 turns out to be true.

  25. "A few weeks ago, I remember Krazy Monkey saying that disagreeing with the general public around this blog seems to get you on everyone's hate list. Thank you very much for proving that point."

    I've said this before, ya know. Like I said in my example, It's not smart to go into a catholic church and say that you dislike their religion. It's kinda common sense.

    On a side note, I personally think you shouldn't judge a game unless you've played it. I love CoD, Yet before I played it, I hated it. Same with Megaman and hell, even Naruto.

  26. *crosses fingers and hopes for Mega Man 11* :D

  27. @Anon before Dr.Jerk: Well? Is it really awesome?!! Please tell me it's awesome!!!!

    I don't really get the hate on MMU. I mean, rationally, I get it, but things as art style... I dunno. I liked it. Not loved it, liked it. Though I guess that's because of the influence DC and Marvel have on my younger years than the Japanese style. But still, I don't think MMU deserves the hate it gets now. If it gets released and still is like the gameplay it currently shows, then, hate I say.

    Do hope for X9 in Captivate.

  28. @Forteman:

    Really? I had no idea the game was watered down that much. All this time, I thought the only difference between the English and Japanese version, was the fact that a few characters were removed, but I guess not. Maybe if they add the game to Playstation Network someday (since it'll most likely be untouched), then I'll be willing to give the game another chance.

    @Dr. Jerk:

    I had no intention whatsoever of starting an argument. I'm just simply stating my opinion as anyone else on this site would have done. I just wish that more people around here were mature enough handle the fact that there are people with different views and opinions from their own. There's a lot of games that I like which many other people hate (Mega Man 7, 8, Super Paper Mario, Shadow the Hedgehog, just to name a few), but I don't attack them because of it.

  29. @Chaotix -

    REALLY?! Lupinko was dead on about the original roster -- there would be no reason not to believe him now! Can you provide a link to the rumor? God, I can only hope this is true! How exciting! :)

  30. @ZeroX_Syaoran:

    Regarding the MMU hate, I don't believe it is just the art style alone. I think it also has to do with the fact that it looks like yet another game riding on the nostalgia of MM2. It was said several times that MMU would cater to the entirety of the MM fanbase (people who started with X, different MM series, etc...) but we've seen nothing besides the fact that it is trying to emulate the feel of MM2 (just now it has custom character creation and a level editor).

  31. As far as MMU is concerned; I don't think it's the gameplay being bad thats the problem, but rather the fact that it is OVERDONE gameplay.

    What I would hope for in MMU (which thus far is not being implemented) is for them to utilize the Megaman series as a whole, or at least the classic timeline. Imagine playing through Megaman 1 as X or Zero, Megaman fighting Sigma, mega-merges versus their original counterparts. Something along those lines is what I had hoped for. Who knows? Maybe if they DID just stick to the classic timeline they would come out with a Megaman Network game (focusing on the Network timeline of course).

    Really the game doesn't have to add anything new, per se, what the game needs to do is allow you to mix up the gameplay.

    Also doing a Megaman fighting game would be an amazing improvement, each Megaman has a significantly different battle style. The way I see it is you get to play as your favorite character and beat up your least favorite.

    Think Shooting Star Megaman is an abomination? Kick the crap outta him. Hate the X lovers? Beat him up.

  32. @Ash Paulsen, Axem White, and Anonymous #7:

    Amen. You've all taken the words right out of my mouth. Those are precisely the reasons why I'm not looking forward to Mega Man Universe. At the risk of having people rate at me (as usual), it's already bad enough that it's another Mega Man 2 milking (as the producer, herself has confirmed), but the fact that they deliberately deceived the fanbase into thinking they were going to do something new and original is the icing on the cake.

  33. @Krazy Monkey -
    Yeah. It's not like Mega Man 2 is a bad game, but it's not the best either and at this point it's just waaaaaaay overdone and overexposed. But it's not just because it's Mega Man 2; if they whored out Mega Man 1, 3, 5, or 6 just as often and as tirelessly as they do 2 (or instead of 2), I'd be just as tired of that game too. And hell, I say that as someone who claims 5 as their favorite Classic game. That doesn't mean I want every new Mega Man game to be a damn rehash of 5.


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