Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Legends 3 Devroom Goes On Hiatus

In the wake of the natural disasters that hit Japan, the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is going on an indefinte hiatus until further notice. Coming from Devroom web planner Kinako:

"Starting now and continuing for a little while, we will be taking a break from posting Devroom updates, including the Kinako Daily Reports. Events currently in progress will cut off according to original planned schedule (Twitter Event, etc), and I will let you know how things will proceed from there as soon as it's decided."

The decision to halt Devroom operations is due to the recent events currently taking place in Japan, namely, the disasters of the Tohoku and Kanto regions. It remains to be seen if the hiatus will affect the U.S side of things, which includes the Mega Man Legends Game Club and promo-contest.

On a related note, as of this writing, Capcom still intends to hold the public Mega Man Legends 3 demo event in Akihabara despite canceling a plethora of other events. I'll be sure to let you know if I hear otherwise, but at this moment, it's still a-go.


  1. At least it went on hiatus because of the quake rather than not being greenlit.

    On another note, all wishes to Japan. Let's all help Japan out!!!!!!!!!

  2. To elaborate on the hiatus, Japanese officials have requested their citizens to conserve the power in order to lighten the strain on those nuclear power plants that on under threat of a meltdown. Square-Enix recently shutdown the online servers for FF XI& XIV and others have done the same. Additionally, several games and game related releases have either been canceled or put on hold. That, and many other events and activities related to games & anime have also been canceled or delayed til further notice. Let's all hope & pray that the country & people of Japan be safe and recover from this terrible 2 disasters. In fact, please pray that it will ONLY be 2 disasters they suffer through (both the quake & tsunami) and NOT 3 (the nuclear meltdown)>

  3. Seriously? You'd still demo legends 3 even after All that?? Must have to do with that megamix story. But my heart goes out to japan.

  4. Do we know for sure it's because of the quake and not because of greenlighting issues, or not a combination of both?

    Anyway, here's hoping Japan recovers as quickly and as wholly as possible from this tragedy.

  5. Japan is going through some rough times right now so lets pray they will get through it in one piece.


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