Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mega Man Tribute Contest Result Update

February 4th has come and gone, and all entries for Udon Entertainment's Mega Man Tribute project are accounted for. As particpants eagerly anticipate the good word, we have ourselves our first real update on the selection process.

According to a DeviantArt post made by Udon's Managing Editor Matt Moylan, "All the entries have been judged and the UDON crew’s top picks chosen. We are now awaiting artwork approval of the winners from Capcom before we announce the final line-up."

The fate of your piece is now at the hands of Capcom, who, I'm certain, should be sorting those out very soon. In the meantime, Matt has gone and revealed four wonderfully crafted Mega Man Tribute pieces by Udon's own in-house artists. The pieces, viewable below, will be featured in the book:

Stay tuned for future Mega Man Tribute updates! Participants, keep those fingers crossed and good luck!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Where's Omar Dougan's?

    (..yay for that Roll!)

  2. Absolutely LOVING the X art by Gary!

    It’s good to see him give Axl some MUCH NEEDED LOVE, he's sooo underrated. Go Axl, GO!!! XD

    I love how determined X looks, even as he is battle-worn with the cracks on him and the smoke coming out of him. (Awwww! ToT)

    Go X, GO! XD

    And Zero… wow… just, wow. Looking so EPIC. YEAH!!! Go Zero, GO! XD

    This… SHOULD be... a cover for a new X comic, or promo art for a new ANIME series! (Dawww, I wish…! A fangirl can dream, can she?)


    Also… about Joe’s take on the Classic Mega Man series… it’s interesting. I can’t say I don’t like it, because it’s fun to look at as well.

    As for Matt's... it's a nice whimsical interpretation of he ZX series, it's good to see.

    And I'm not really a fan of panty shots, but Long Vo's tribute art is a cute style too. :)


  3. I love the X series one SO much. The ZX one sucks quite a bit though.

  4. Holy god do these suck... wtf UDON? WTF?

  5. That Mega Man X artwork is really cool.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. ZX is the best one, IMO.
    It looks very cute. :3

  8. saying that these "suck" is a bit brutal... they're very well done. just because they're not your favorite style...
    the original series one is really cool, although i can see how such a serious look is a little off-putting.
    but honestly, i don't see how anybody could like the ZX one. yeesh... talk about quality control.

  9. Oh how I wish I submitted

  10. Should Zero's Right leg be in front like that?

  11. i love all of these. {=

    one thing: does anybody know if for the Megaman tribute there will be one pictur every page or if there is more then one picture every page, like 2 or 4 pictures maybe?

    that would mean only like around 300 entries will be picked for this 300 page art book if its like one picture per page.

    out of like over 2500 subs acording to Udons' DA



  12. Zero's leg is fine. It's a legitimate pose and compositional element- they don't have to exactly follow the poses from the game.

    That X series pic is my fave. :3


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