Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Were You a Part of "Minute Maid Mega Man Mondays?"

Looking back on the 15th anniversary promotions, I stumbled across a very interesting joint venture between Capcom and J&J Snacks.

"J&J Snacks -- Nationwide in-school program called "Minute Maid Mega Man Mondays." Exposure in nearly 20,000 middle schools with opportunity to reach 7.2 million kids grades six to eight with a sweepstakes promotion. The sweepstakes will offer all students a chance to win various prizes including: Mega Man games, video game consoles, a college scholarship and a grand prize trip to the Capcom headquarters to be a game developer for a day. Promotion runs October to December 2003."

I don't recall this promotion ever gracing my middle school at that time, so out of curiosity, did this ever come to your middle school? As odds would have it, one of my close friends, "Tim," actually won Battle Network 3 White through this very promotion.


  1. Nope, didn't happen to me. But I remember a few of the other promotions where you could "be a Capcom developer for a day." I wanted that pretty bad. Capcom really went all out with EXE3. I suppose it makes sense though, since EXE did help revive the series.

  2. I've never heard of this contest before either. Interesting.

  3. didn't happen to me, though I do remeber all kinds of crazy Mega Man promotions when I was a kid. Mega Man rules everything.


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