Monday, February 16, 2009

Mega Man 9 Remix Project Is a Go

The talented members of OverClocked reMix are preparing for their next musical foray: the Mega Man 9 Remix Project. As the name implies the project will aim to remix various musical tracks from MM9, which will hopefully turn out better than the official arranged album.

Those working on the project hail from previous OCR remixes such as Voices of the Life Stream and the acclaimed Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD mix (Capcom approved!).

This definitely sounds fun, be sure to check back April 15th for a sample or two!

News Credit: Rock Miyabi via Rockman Perfect Memories


  1. Hey, that's awesome! I love OCRemixed MegaMan tracks! :D

    Just a note though, but after some quality time with it I can easily say that I'm very pleased with the arranged album. Sure, it's not what you would have expected (given the previous releases) but it's still rather well done. The fact that I can't get Jewel Temptation (arranged) out of my head has nothing to do with my love for it. Really, I swear. >_>


  2. Yup, ugly logo. I REALLY hope they don't ruin the melody, or a similar work with the official arrangement album. Overclocked is half-decent, half-crap, honestly... -_-;;

  3. Yeah, it's an ugly logo, but I'll hold out hope that this will turn out better than the official arranged soundtrack...


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