Saturday, February 7, 2009

MegaMan Re-Imagined In HD

Although a HD MegaMan game in vain of Bionic Commando Rearmed isn't in Capcom's cards at this time, one talented artist took up the liberty to give us a taste of what it might look like.

This sinister, yet beautiful re imagining of MegaMan is the work of DeviantArtist Orito, whom has also conjured up other fine looking HD re-imaginings such as Sonic and Mario. Like what you see? Plenty more here.


  1. That's neat, but the actual character's cartoony look is kind out of place...

  2. Yup. The Metroid scene is awesome too, a good idea for the next game - back to Super Metroid roots! :)

    The Sonic is awesome too, and easy - it's neat for a next gen console.

  3. He should have put X instead of Megaman, it would make more sense because of the "dystopian future" feel of the art.

  4. Yes, that looks like MMX, not the classic series. Still, it's very good. However, the classic series seems to have a more "colorful" feel to it, except for the "Wily Wars," which may just be due to a color palette limitation.


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