Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shooting Star Rockman 3 Met Capcom's Expectations

According to Capcom's recent fiscal report, Shooting Star Rockman 3 Black Ace and Red Joker successfully met the company's sales expectations. On one hand, this is great news, but on the other, Capcom must of had some pretty low expectations when you consider how poorly SSR3 did compared to the previous iterations. Still, it's great to know the title performed just as well as they had hoped.

In related news, Capcom have also updated the total sales units for the Rockman/MegaMan franchise to 28 million units comprised of 123 games.


  1. They probably expected SSR wasn't going to do as good as EXE because of the different battle system and how the only thing it has related to Rockman is Subaru's transformation.

    I still say it's the battle system. Or Capcom always tries to have low expectations on their games. Either way, if it's a success in the company's eyes, then that's good at least.

  2. Hello Protodude, send you a hug.

    123 games? I wonder if there's an OFFICIAL game list? Does 123 count games like Marvel VS Capcom?

    Hope anyone will be willing to share.

    On another topic, I read on a website about a game called "Stalemate Dangerous Old Man" for Nintendo DS released in Japan which includes characters from Coro Coro Comics, being Rockman EXE one of them. Have you ever heard of this game?


  3. Ahh yes, I've heard of it. I'm have no idea what it was about, but Rockman.EXE and Netto appeared in it in some form.

  4. Stalemate Dangerous Old Man?

    That would make an interesting news post if you could find anything about it Protodude.

  5. I've been looking around but I've come up empty handed. No pics or info, nothing. anybody care to help?


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