Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ray Toro Rockin' Out To Mega Man 9

Finally, I have something in common with Ray Toro , lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance: we both love Mega Man 9. According to an entry in his blog, the "Torosaurus" has developed a new found love/hate relationship with MM9:

"In other news, I've started to tackle Mega Man 9. What a genius stroke by Capcom to release this game. If you guys haven't had a chance to try it (or any of the previous in the series) you have to give it a shot. This is pure old-school gaming at its best. So far my favorite "F*&( you" moment from the designers is in Tornado Man's stage, where some clouds offer you safe footing, while others you will pass right through and die a sorry death. Or the part in Plug Man's stage, where the infamous disappearing blocks return. Just went you think a block will appear to stop your fall, "f&^* you!!" say the designers. In your rush to get across the bottomless pit, you forgot to notice the timing of the blocks has now changed. "f*&%(% YOUUUU!!!!" "

I feel your pain Ray, Mega Man 9 gets the best of us.

News Credit: Snow @ Capcom-Unity


  1. ... You're weird, Protodude.

  2. What's weird about this post? Surprising, sure, but I think this is actually pretty cool. It's not often you hear anyone "mainstream" sound so educated when talking about games that aren't from the Guitar Hero or Rock Band series... let alone Mega Man 9.

  3. And that... is why. Did you read that comment aloud? XD


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