Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Capcom Appoints THQ as Distributor in Australia, New Zealand

Following the fall of Red Ant Enterprises, (Capcom's Australian distributor) there was a little bit of tension regarding the fate of various franchises in the land down under. Thankfully, as of yesterday, Capcom has signed on THQ to take up the responsibility.

"London February 10th, 2009 – Capcom® today announced that it has appointed THQ Asia Pacific Pty Ltd., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), as the sole distributor of its titles in Australia and New Zealand. Under the terms of the agreement, THQ Asia Pacific will be responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing for Capcom’s releases in this territory, effective immediately."

Read the complete press release here.


  1. Neato.

    I'd never even heard of Red Ant Enterprises. :P

  2. Red Ant is the distributor for 'bargain bin' software, so they normally distribute small (and sometimes good) titles.

  3. Well as far as I know, THQ is pretty big, so I think it'll be alright.


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