Friday, September 29, 2023

Objection! Mega Man Pays Homage to Ace Attorney in Newest Wallpaper

To mark the winner of Round 4 in the Capcom Town Elections, Capcom has put together a special set of wallpapers featuring the beloved characters connected to different "famous quotes" that were in the running for votes during the round. The question in contention was, "Which of the following is your Capcom’s famous quote?"

As you can see, Mega Man is one of the chosen ones along with a Zombie from the Resident Evil series, Masamune Date from Sengoku Basara series and a Hunter from Monster Hunter series.

The wallpapers were illustrated by Tamio, a member of Capcom's design room who provided illustrations for various Capcom goods in the last few years. 

You can download Mega Man's wallpaper HERE! Please note that the image above is our own edit;  Mega Man's version says "異議あり!" ("Igiari!").


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, man… That phoenix wright reference mega man did was so… divine. He put everything into it… and it was enough to debunk Matpat’s Mega Man Theories and prove Dr. Light’s innocence.

    2. Heck yeah it did! Dr. Light is innocent!


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