Monday, September 25, 2023

Rockman EXE x #Compass Crossover Event Gameplay

The collaboration event between Rockman EXE and real-time strategy game #Compass is in full swing.  If you're curious to witness the excitement firsthand, you need look no further than Famitsu's exclusive playthrough video above.

In this footage, you'll get a glimpse of Rockman's different styles, specially-themed collaboration cards, and the freshly-recorded lines delivered by the original voice actors of Rockman and Netto.

The Rockman EXE collaboration will run until October 15th. The game is available to download from Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and the Apple App Store.


  1. I bet Megaquint will do a play through on his YouTube channel.

  2. Are you able to get it for android?

    1. "The game is available to download from Google Play"

      Unless Google has now exclusively put their store on iOS to sabotage themselves for some reason... I'd assume yes.

    2. "This game is not available in your country" You can download it by using VPN methods but i'm not feeding capcom a crumb lol.

    3. it's not like you can pay for games that's not available for your google store anyway.


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