Friday, September 8, 2023

Check Out Some Rarely Seen Rockman VR Gameplay

Capcom's on-again, off-again handling of the Rockman VR: Targeted Virtual World!!! attraction and stringent no-camera policy present challenges in capturing the entire experience. While there's no sign of the game leaving Japan or being ported to consumer hardware in the foreseeable future, we're fortunate to have discovered some seldom-seen footage, which is the closest we've come to a full playthrough.


And as an added bonus, here's some excellent video of what the Capcom representatives are up to when you're playing...


  1. My kingdom for a VR port of this

  2. Really hope this releases on Steam one day. I would love to play it

    1. Sadly, I highly doubt that day will ever come.
      Capcom clearly prefers using that for their Resident Evil RE4 implementation instead for their PlayStation VR2 headset.

    2. I hope we get a console port


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