Saturday, September 16, 2023

Rockman EXE Battle Chip Stadium Preservation Fundraiser Stream Starts Next Week (Update)

UPDATE: Mission complete! Demi raised well over the anticipated goal, and the boys should be off to save Battle Chip Stadium this November. Stay tuned for updates!

We're on a mission to preserve Rockman EXE Battle Chip Stadium, and your help in the upcoming days could make it happen! This Japan-exclusive arcade game is a rare gem, and we want to ensure its future. Plus, you'll get to play it too! Read on for all the details.


The journey to save Battle Chip Stadium started with thorough research, led by our tech expert, GoodTofuFriday. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous source, we obtained photos of the arcade's interior from their personal collection. These photos confirmed that Battle Chip Stadium is based on Capcom's "Medulsion II" arcade hardware, a crucial discovery. With this knowledge in hand, GoodTofuFriday and Demi (Demidyourmc), a dedicated member of the MMBN collector's community, enlisted the help of Team Europe, experts in handling Capcom arcade hardware. Team Europe provided the necessary tools for data extraction.

However, there's a catch – the owner of the hardware is located in France.

The ultimate goal is to raise funds through a livestream to send GoodTofuFriday and Demi to France. They'll meet up with the person who possesses Battle Chip Stadium, open it up, and extract the game data. The livestream is scheduled from September 18th to 22nd, and if successful, GoodTofuFriday and Demi will travel to France in November. In the unfortunate event that unforeseen circumstances prevent data extraction, they are committed to refunding all donations. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them from the links above or the comment section below.

So, mark your calendars and join us in supporting our community's fundraising stream from September 18th to 22nd. Let's come together and back their mission to preserve the legacy of Rockman EXE Battle Chip Stadium. Together, we'll make history and ensure this cherished game continues to shine in the hearts of fans worldwide!


  1. Nah Capcom released this in the east they can pay for it themselves as fans we've done and waited enough for them already. Anything more is lack of self respect lol.

    1. What are you even on about? This is a fan endeavor. Capcom has nothing to do with it.

    2. what? What you wrote make no sense at all from what was written above.

    3. You seem to be unaware that large publishers and developers usually do not care enough about their audience and franchises to ensure that everything is accessible to everyone all the time. This type of passionate, community-backed preservation venture is crucial, vital and often the only way to ensure availability in the long term. You should at the very least respect the effort even if you disagree.

    4. Crucial? Vital?
      Not at all.

    5. You don't have to tell me what developer's care about lol! I left MegaMan behind because of crapcom and their attitude towards fans. Why are the rest of you supporting it if you already know this and the relationship they have with the fan base?I just don't stand for lesser treatment and I don't have enough lack of self respect to support lesser treatment of fellow fans either. Supporting that kind of attitude ensures we all got less and we did for "decades". *thumbs up* and "yay" a fan project that will get nipped in the bud if it becomes sussesful "it wont" but you also cant use real battle chips thats the only appeal other than that MMBN4.5 serves the concept better lol.. cant afford it? Jobs exist for a reason.. Fans can get as emotional as they want but the facts are the facts and the fact is people support a company stringing them along worse than most and openly they even supported Keji in the Mighty No 9 scam so many of you fell for. I know this might not get posted but i honestly dont mind ive seen the other posts on here lately and i know ive brought alot over to my side because who wants to be treated like garbage willingly? Fans act like a 3 week old boy friend with seperation issues that keeps going back and begging thats just how i see it and its embarrassing. Crapcom can do no wrong in some peoples world its like a woman who is assulted in a relationship but she just cant break it off thats what this is lol blind loyalty and support isnt the answer its what keeps yall bringing the CEO another beer lol. You all always like to gang up on me but i dont mind solid logic and self respect is worth more than any crapcom IP. *flourish* good day gentlemen. ^^ I
      PS. Comment sections need the good and bad or its just a hypersensitivity board.

    6. Just want to point out that this entire unhinged rant is in response to a media preservation movement by fans to prevent a game from becoming lost media, and in no way lines Capcom's pockets.

      Imagine being so full of hate towards a company, having them live so rent free in your head, that even something that has nothing to do with them and does nothing to benefit them whatsoever has you going into activist mode against them.

    7. I find it funny how this person keeps saying "I left this franchise/fandom/series behind" yet here he is still on these boards...

    8. And he's trying to justify his crappy out of touch nonsense with "The comments need the good and the bad or it's just a hypersensitivity board", as if that somehow validates him entirely missing the point of what this is and why it's happening.

      The problem was never that there was resistance to negative opinions, the problem was that he's particularly out of touch and doesn't know what he's even talking about. He's going on about it as if Capcom themselves is asking for money to preserve a game and that using contributing to this effort means we lack self respect as fans, when the reality is the exact opposite: Fans are the ones trying to preserve the game because Capcom isn't. They're raising money to fly some people with the right know how and equipment over to where a cabinet is at to copy the files from it and upload them to the internet for preservation.


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