Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Icon Heroes Mega Man X2 Ride Chaser Diorama Available to Pre-Order

If you've got $600 to burn in your pocket (I mean, who doesn't?), Icon Heroes has a new Mega Man X2-themed diorama coming up

This limited edition statue is made of polystone and hand-painted, making each one unique. It measures 11.1 inches tall, 15.9 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep. The scene is inspired by Mega Man X2, with X blazing through a downed Crash Roader. Pre-orders are available directly from Icon Heroes. It ships sometime in Q3 2023.

I'll be perfectly honest here: this looks very rough. There's no solid indication whether or not the images represent the final product. The concept is neat, certainly. But $600 for this? From X's awkward proportions and pose to the cake-like texture work, let's just say there's plenty of room for improvement.

I'll keep ya posted if anything changes...


  1. yeahhhhh if this is the final version for 6 hundo ...its a pass unfortunatly. i really like the concept but the final is bad 😭

  2. I saw this on the official Megaman facebook...wanted to comment on how rough that face is...

    Then I come on here and see a new image of X's "squat"....geeeeez...

  3. lol someone saw those awful first 4 figures statues and said hold my kitty whisker'd beer

  4. This is what Mega Man has become?

  5. they're smoking the good stuff ain't they?

    1. I don't think it's the good stuff with that face sculpt and thin forearms.

  6. Oof. Why... why isn't he sitting on it?

  7. Looking at those images made me feel like i was still asleep and i was dreaming
    Theres so many things wrong with that figure it doesnt look official

  8. Wow, hideous.
    Hey, manufacturers: can we be done with "polystone," please? PVC offers better detail, and is not only cheaper to manufacture, but cheaper to ship. My collectibles don't need to be unwieldy boulders which might chip or shatter.

  9. I'm looking at it more closely than just the forearms and face and Great Googly Moogly! What is WRONG with his EVERYTHING?

  10. I understand that making physical products 100% accurate to the source material is not always an exact science, but if a company is charging me SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for this, I'mma definitely expecting *slightly* higher quality.

  11. My first thought: $600?! They're outta their minds!

    After getting a better look: XD

    Why does X look like he's hovering over a particularly gross port-a-potty he has no choice but to use?

  12. They couldn’t give these away. The funniest part is it’s marked as sold out on some sites…Like anyone would buy this.


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