Monday, January 16, 2023

DiVE Armor Iris Joins Rockman X DiVE

Rockman X DiVE is expanding its roster of DiVE Armor characters this week with the addition of DiVE Armor Iris (previously teased back in November).

DiVE Armor Iris comes in shortly after the release of DiVE Armor RiCO at the tail end of 2022. And by the looks of things, she won't be the last character to receive a DiVE Armor upgrade.

Find all the details after the break!

DiVE Armor Iris' first active skill is Halo Slash. It deals damage to enemies in range and scatters 12 enemy-seeking Energy Blades that can penetrate terrain and obstacles.

Her second active skill is Blinking Slash, an extremely quick dashing-slash strike. When used in the Arena, this skill allows players to teleport to the target's location while ignoring terrain.

One of Iris' passive skills grants her a shield, while the other passive skills enhance her attack or defense over time.

In addition, this week will see the release of chapters 20-4 and 20-5 in the game's Story Mode. These new chapters will bring players closer to the conclusion of the current story arc, with the final chapter set to be released in the coming weeks. Look forward to it!


  1. she looks pretty neat. wouldn't mind a kotobukiya kit of her

  2. Oh, look. Another S-Rank Character that nobody asked for!

    Fine. DiVE Armor. That's an interesting a fresh concept ready for abuse. And honestly, she looks alright and her skills seem… maybe a little overpowered. (Maybe she should be a "MEH Rank" character…) But, honestly? I think this would have suited another Iris better. Hearing Iris Prime apologize very time she obliterates attackers would get old very fast.

  3. ok and? what even is dive armor for?


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