Thursday, January 12, 2023

My Arcade Mega Man 1-6 "Micro Player" and "Mini Player" Revealed

Another day, another re-release of Mega Man 1-6. This time in the form of My Arcade's retro "Micro Player" tabletop and "Mini Player" portable console.

Announced and showcased at CES 2023, these tiny versions of the first six Mega Man games will be available later this year through My Arcade's website, Amazon, and in-store retailers. My Arcade's similar products typically range from $40 to $60, so it's likely that these will fall within that range as well.

If you're not burned out on re-buying Mega Man 1-6 yet, maybe these will do the trick. But I will say, these aren't too difficult to mod. You could always load 'em up with more games...


  1. First it was Arcade 1up with their Mega Man games 1-6 hdmi console, and now this? Not to mention the front cover of this console there seems a bit of an overload of artwork. It Probably should have been just plain blue with a Mega Man sprite sticker, or something simple. Otherwise, this is just a neat little collectors item at best.

  2. not even goanna cap, mega man re-releases are better than nothing, but MM11 is now 5 years old, we need a **NEW** megaman game again. not counting the legacy collections as new games either.

  3. Really hoping the audio is not weird on this port. That was my only problem with the plug-n-play


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