Friday, June 24, 2022

RiCO Becomes Playable in Mega Man X DiVE's NA Server Next Week

In the midst of the X-Hunters event, the global version of Mega Man X DiVE shows no signs of giving players a rest. More characters are coming to the game next week. 

While the Asian version released RiCO to celebrate its first anniversary, the global version won't be waiting for its respective anniversary milestone: RiCO's gacha capsule will be available in the NA server next Wednesday. The capsule comes packed with a single free 10-pull.

RiCO's first active skill is Data Recreation, which allows her to deploy an information window to pull a random skill from either Ultimate Armor X (Plasma Charge Shot), Awakened Zero (Genmu Zero) or Iris (Peaceful Wish).

Her second active skill is Data Analysis, which deploys a force-field that inflicts damage and absorbs energy from an enemy. What's more, one of her passive skills will "randomly remove a buff when hitting a target with your weapon attack"

The event stage "ViA's Deep Log Training" will be available at a later date.

When it comes to the EU server, they are getting Bass.EXE GS and the LATAM server will get Sigma (X4 2nd Form). Both capsules include a single free 10-pull too.

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