Friday, June 3, 2022

Bass.EXE GS and Sigma (X4 2nd Form) Hit Mega Man X DiVE Next Week

The Global version of Mega Man X DiVE celebrates a new DiVE Festival in the NA and EU servers next week. What's more, the Core Chip Recycling Campaign event is back and the LATAM server finally gets the Street Fighter Collaboration!

Find all the details after the break!

Next week the NA server sees the arrival of a new version of Bass.EXE: Bass.EXE GS. You might remember him from Mega Man Battle Network 3 when he fused with the multi-bug organism Gospel.

Bass.EXE GS' active skills are Gospel Cannon, which charges forward while shooting flames and Vanishing World -- a powerful beam that deals damage to all targets in range and deals one-time damage to all targets on-screen.

The banner comes packed with a single free 10-pull.

The EU server will receive Sigma (X4 2nd Form). He is packed with the active skill Scythe Throw, which launches Sigma's scythe to damage all targets in its path, returning back to him. This move can go through landscapes and barriers too.

And his second active skill is Laser Eye, a huge beam that will damage the targets in range and will spread out to cause more damage.

The banner comes with a single free 10-pull too.

What's more? Both servers, NA and EU are getting a rerun of the Core Chip Recycling Campaign event next week!

When it comes to the LATAM server, next Wednesday they'll finally experience the Street Fighter V event. You know the drill. the gacha banner with Ryu and Chun-Li will be available during the first week and Akuma will join during the second week in a separate banner.

The Ryu and Chun-Li gacha banner comes with a single free 10-pull.

Furthermoree, a social media campaign started today through June 8th. Players can get valuable cards like Chun-Li and M.Bison, character and weapon patches and fight coins to spend in the event store.

Head to the developer's Twitter and Facebook accounts to help the community reach the goals.


  1. So tired of Dive news. @.@ If it were on the Switch, it'd be better. Need more news about EXE online

  2. Agreed that with the Dive nonsense. It would help if more people did not pay for it. Then Capcom would get the message to move onto something legit like real MM games vs minigame bundles like Dive (Dive is probably just a collection of minigames and earning points, reused assets from older games with a slightly modernized look, no true story mode), and I don't mean nebulous Taisen which I'm pretty sure is just something else not MM; I mean continuing the classic, X, ZX, and Legends series with real sequels. We need more news on legit main timeline games. I guarantee if an X9, ZX3, or Legends 3 was coming out, people would buy it like hotcakes at this point (us fans, at least, and the success of the collections prove it would likely sell well). Capcom should be smart enough to know that their popularity and sells would be good if they did that at this point. Twitter and other news sources would explode with positive activity if X9 was announced. Same with Legends 3 (once confirmed it won't be canned again and far along the development process), and probably ZX3. If Taisen is in fact a code name for Legends 3 they hide until the last minute or is a sequel series between ZX and Legends, I may like it though.

  3. I tried this game like a year ago and didn't really dig it, but I tried again with the Street Fighter release and I must say, I'm actually loving it. It's bite-sized Mega Man content. Sure, it's got way more item management than I would prefer, but once I committed to figuring out how it works it's not so bad. And I mean yeah, the story is pretty bad. But I'm glad they committed to this silly non-Canon storyline, because that means anything is possible.

    It's no replacement for a genuine sequel. But it's not trying to be, and it's not like Capcom Japan is wasting resources to make it. So I'll just keep playing it while hoping a true game comes along soon


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