Monday, June 6, 2022

Rockman X DiVE's Dive Festival Brings "Dr. Light the Martial Artist" This Week

Last week was a bit of a break in terms of new characters. But this week, Rockman X DiVE is back in full force with someone you already know because it was leaked by Capcom Taiwan a short while ago.

That's right -- "Dr. Light the Martial Artist"  joins the game this Wednesday! Find all the details after the break!


Dr. Light the Martial Artist's first active skill is Budo Hadoken. It launches an Hadoken that will damage and mark the opponent after impact. Using the skill again will teleport you to the target's location and using a Hurricane Kick. The teleport only works against players.

One of the passive skills will grant a shield when using Budo Hadouken.

His second active skill is Budo Barrage. Perform a dash in the direction of the target and it'll deal continuous damage. The target will be rendered immobile.

Although they failed to add voices to voiceless character last winter, the development team are finally adding voices for Forte, Super Forte, Forte.EXE, Forte GS and Forte XX this Wednesday. All of them are voiced by Keiko Nemoto who is no stranger to the series. She was the voice of Forte.EXE in the Rockman EXE anime.

You can listen to a preview of the new voice clips here!

And that's all the dev team revealed for this week's content update. Let us know what you think of the good doctor joining the roster in the comments!


  1. "All of them are voiced by Keiko Nemoto who is no stranger to the series. She was the voice of Forte.EXE in the Rockman EXE anime."

    Ah, so Bass/Bass.EXE will sound like a child?

    *listens to preview*


    1. Yeah, it's a strange choice for an edgy character. Even in stories where the protagonist is voiced by a woman in Japan, the rival usually has a more masculine voice as a contrast.

  2. dat jiggle physics.

    now THAT is fan service

  3. I just keep thinking "Who are you and what did you do to Capcom Taiwan?". Because in the last weeks the game has dropped that "type" of fanservice and brought things like X and Zero chibi and now Dr. Light playable.

    Now I think it's coherent for Ciel to be playable, until then her being in this game was purely for fanservice.

  4. Well… Keiko Nemoto is no Nobuyuki Hiyama.

    … what? I have nothing further to say on the matter.

    1. I never knew the same guy who voiced Link was also Guy Shishioh 🤯

    2. And Viral from Gurren Lagaan. That seriously blew my mind the first time I heard Viral shriek in the subbed version I watched. Heh heh.

    3. It's been a long time since I've seen Gurren Lagaan. But, I've been playing a lot of SRW30, so the voice of Guy is pretty fresh in memory. That's definitely Link. Bravery and courage, and all that stuff.

  5. Huh, they added Rockman CX Dr. Light to Mega Man X DiVE


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