Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Mega Man "Youtooz" Figure Delayed Due to Painting Issue

The officially-licensed Mega Man Youtooz figure was supposed to drop on January 22nd, 2021. The day came and went and... nothing. No one who pre-ordered the figure got it, let alone a shipping notification. The manufacturer had nothing to say on the situation, either. It was really weird.

But now, friends, we have an actual update! 

Five months later, Youtooz just sent an e-mail out to everyone who pre-ordered the figure. Apparently -- and you can read their own words after the break -- a paint-related issue was found during inspections. The issue was so significant that Youtooz had to go back and re-paint every figure from scratch. 

The process will reportedly be complete within the next few weeks. After that, they will ship your figure. You can expect it to arrive within the following 5 to 15 days depending on your location.

All in all, the situation has been sorted out. That empty spot on your shelf will soon be filled at last... but, hey, it's a bit of a bummer this wasn't communicated earlier? Meh. Hit the jump below for more info.

The e-mail sent to those who pre-ordered. Write them back if there's any issue!



    1. Are you okay? D:

    2. Yes i was just being silly. (The eyes are pretty bad tho)

    3. I agree the eyes look bad, but this is their gimmick, so what can they do...

    4. Oh i thought... it was like... something they specifically chose to do on this one in particular. I didn't know all of their figures had eyes like this (it probably works better on other characters tbh)....... eh i don't buy youtooz anyway so nvm then

  2. I think it would be hilarious if this "significant" paint issue was that the figure had normal/source-accurate eyes.
    I'd rather have one of those, honestly.

  3. Just so everyone knows, the figure wasn't meant to ship until May, it was a preorder, and the notification only came out about 1-2 weeks after their proposed shipping date.
    This is quite a common thing with youtooz these days, if you are buying any more figures from them, just be aware it will most likely take longer than expected


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