Monday, March 8, 2021

Celebrate White Day in Rockman X DiVE with Axl

If you can remember back to when Rockman X DiVE first launched, you might recall that one of the very first events was for White Day. Back then, the stars were Alia, Cinnamon and Zero. Now, the event is back and it's Axl's turn to shine! Check all the details after the break!

White Day Axl's first active skill is Marked Shot. It shoots a bullet that causes damage to targets and marks. When you hit a marked target, there's a chance it will be rendered immobile (only works in PVE, though).

His second active skill is Petal Twister, which creates a twister that deals continuous damage to targets in range. 

White Day Axl will share a banner with the limited weapon Freezing Dominator based on Rockman X5's Maverick Tidal Whale (Duff McWhalen).

The event stage will be the same as before. It will give players another chance to get the "White Day Zero" skin via the event rewards listt and "White Day Alia" and "White Day Cinnamon" will be available again via the gacha. Lastly, the event stage will have dialogue now which the original didn't have.

The event begin this Wednesday at the usual time. Let's us know what you think of Axl's new design in the comments!


  1. Wouldn’t know. Stuck with my limited iOS system and will never know the joy of, unfortunately.

  2. Maybe now the game can actually release worldwide.

  3. So after so much time, they finaly give AXL a event? That's pretty cool.

  4. Duff McWhalen lives on in our hearts as a weapon of mass destruction. T-T

  5. Yess! Finally we get some more Axl!

  6. About time Axl finally gets an alt costume!

  7. Finaly ! It was about time they give Axl something !

  8. Nice color scheme.

    Seriously, for Axl fans: what's the appeal with Axl?

    My introduction to the character in 2003 was as an unnecessary/extraneous, poorly-voiced, "me too, guys!" too-eager-to-prove-himself character in what was the worst Mega Man X game. Any insight which could help me appreciate Axl would be appreciated.

    Maybe if his copy shot was more fun to use (in less clunky games, implemented in more fluid ways, etc.) I would have appreciated him more, but I always ended up feeling like the only reason to use that was when the level design forced it.

    My suspicion is that most Axl fans are people who were introduced to the series around the time of his appearance.

    1. He became more appealing in X8. A better voice actor came along, the copy shot became somewhat more useful, his “dodge” dash became really handy. Character wise, I grew to find it alright. He was exactly like you said, a character just trying to prove himself, kind of similar to X from the first game.

    2. Axl was much better received in X8 and command mission, i think that is when he gained some popularity. Yes he was disliked in X7 but...Come on, it's X7. Even X was disliked in that one. you can't judge opinion about the serie from this game.
      And then there are thoses who don't necessarily liked X7 or even 8, but want Capcom to use him more becaude they feel that the character have potential to be made interesting.
      And finaly i guess some just like his boyish looks.
      As for the "being introduced in the serie at the time of his appearance" that's unlikely since at the time X7 came out, MMX was mostly played by old time fans with very few newcomers, and someone looking to get into the serie would probably be recomended to start at the begining anyway.

      Though none of this is particularly relevant here, since the point -beyond the fact that his fans wanted more of him- is that despite Axl being the tritagonist of MMX, it took Capcom Taiwan a literal year to release something about him, even though peoples frequently commented about it. (Comparitively, a minor character like Cinnamon got *two alts* and a skin before that), hence the sighs of relief when they finally remembered him. I don't care much for Axl but even I though it was about damn time.

    3. You people got to experience the rewrite of a character, not who he was originally.

      Seriously, I went through the Japanese release of X7 3 times just to see everything it had and Axl is actually a lot better here. I have no idea who thought that it will be better to make this kid, who just wanted to do what's best for those he cared about and didn't really like the fact of killing off his old friends who went Irregular because of Red's wish to get stronger to eliminate all the evil in this misarable world... into a selfish brat that straight-up can't FEEL SADNESS AT ALL and that calls everyone who is "evil" in his eyes a bad person. And Axl was the only one who was rewritten this bad in localization.
      Sure, he still wasn't a perfect character by any means in the original (he can be rude sometimes in the Japanese version too, but not to the point of calling someone he has just met "stupid" (my English is rough, sorry): )

      I like him like a character, altough in X8 he was fun to play as for a not hardcore player like me. I will never be defending the entirety of X7 (heck, X is a stubborn moron in both versions, but at least his voice is much better than what the localization did), but I will be defending Axl's personality in this game. He's actually one of the best characters for me in this game if not the best (Zero is the close second).
      Sure, Axl grows up in the next games, at least a little bit (and X8 didn't butcher it in its localization, hooray), but he already was a nice inclusion to the series in his debut. If you want to try and see this for yourself, you can watch a playthrough of X7 in japanese. I've made the translation for it almost a year ago (while playing on an emulator that was really laggy. Legacy Collection 2 does not even run properly on my PC, but X7 on a PS2 emulator walks almost fine, for some reason) so you can try to find it on YouTube.

    4. That whole period for me -- X7, X8, and Command Mission -- was a low point as a fan who was in from the beginning. I just remember thinking, after each release: what is Capcom thinking with this series? (I did not enjoy Command Mission, nor X7, and just find X8 to be passable.)

      I guess that's where the Axl distaste comes from for me; association with a period for Mega Man which wasn't great, even though they sure did crank out a bunch of Mega Man games in 2004. There was also a lot of competition in 2003-2004, as a lot of truly incredible games were released for console and PC.

      I think the Mega Man titles I was most excited about in 2004 were the Anniversary Collection and MMZ3, but there were so many titles from other studios which were just better designed, and more fun. Quality over quantity, I guess.

    5. Axl doesn't bug me. X7 bugs me. Alot.

    6. @shrap: Eh, both bug me, I find a lot more redeemable with X7 tho, like for one the TOP TIER music.

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    8. @Mark
      yeah the music is about the only redeaming part of it.

      There is a bug in your comments. Double posts keep popping up.


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