Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Mega Man Battle Network 20th Anniversary News Round-up

While there weren't any significant announcements made on March 21st, (again, Capcom are asking us to be patient about that) there were a handful of smaller Mega Man Battle Network 20th anniversary news bites that shouldn't go unnoticed.


1) Coro Coro Comics looks back at their Battle Network coverage

If you're an old-time fan like me, the words "Coro Coro Comics" should drum up pleasant memories. Coro Coro was *the* premiere source for the latest Battle Network news back in the day. The magazine covered the series from the very beginning right up until Operate Shooting Star! To commemorate 20 years of Battle Network, Coro Coro Online will be posting pages from their old Battle Network articles. You can check out the first entry here!

2) Rockman EXE Treasure Box exclusive artwork revealed!

The previously announced "Treasure Box" will see the return of acclaimed Rockman EXE anime character designer Mitsuru Ishihara! Brand-new artwork of Lan will be included in the box, among other goodies. 


3) 4Gamer Battle Network series overview

Aimed primarily at the Japanese fanbase, 4Gamer has written a lengthy article looking back at every entry in the series and what, exactly, those games meant for the author as a child. It's a very sincere, heartfelt piece. Run it through a translator and you'll get a good idea of what he's talking about. It made me smile.


4) Rockman X DiVE login bonuses!

Well this one is almost over but, for the past few days, those who login to Rockman X DiVE can get equipped with some nice EXE-themed goods. These include 40 Demon Blade Muramasa Memories, 60 Mega Man.EXE Memories, 4 EXE Card Packs and 20 DiVE Activation Coins.


5) Face masks and pins, oh my!

Officially-licensed Rockman EXE face masks and  patches are coming by way of Grapht! These items will hit Amazon Japan and more online retailers in April. 

6) Ryo Takamisaki Interview

Coro Coro Comics held a rather meaty interview with Takamisaki-san. We're working on a translation now! Stay tuned!

7) Kotobukiya MegaMan.EXE is still in development!

It's been a VERY long time since we heard anything from this guy. However, Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san assures us the model kit is still in development. There will be more news to share on this in the very near future!


And that about does it for now!

Again, there are more significant announcements that were initially planned to be made... but, due to unfortunate circumstances, have since been delayed. No word when we'll hear about them. For now, stay tuned.

P.S we're putting together a major 20th anniversary fan-art post as well. If you have something you want featured, drop us a line!


  1. The face masks are a super-cool idea.

  2. Battle Network did indirectly predicted COVID-19 as the titular character uses a faceplate when battling.

  3. I never beat mmbn on my phone cuz its really hard in touchscreen hahaha

  4. I never beat this game on my phone hahaha

  5. any event from the 20th annivasery of rockman exe?


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