Saturday, March 20, 2021

Five PS2 Mega Man Prototypes Dumped Including a Very Early X8

Roughly 755 PlayStation 2 prototypes have been released by Hidden Place and Textfiles under "Project Deluge". No longer subject to a disc rot fate, these freshly-preserved prototypes include five Mega Man titles.

The are:

  • Mega Man Anniversary Collection (May 6, 2004 prototype)
  • Mega Man X Collection (Nov 8, 2005 prototype) 
  • Mega Man X8 (Aug 12, 2004 prototype)
  • Mega Man X8 (Oct 20, 2004 prototype)
  • Mega Man X: Command Mission (Jul 23, 2004 prototype)

While each of these games feature their own helping of differences from their final retail counterparts, the August 12th build of Mega Man X8 is certainly the most significant. It predates the final build by two months, featuring numerous unused graphics, unfinished cutscenes (storyboards are used instead) placeholder assets, debug features and more.

You can download and play these prototypes from Hidden Palace's Project Deluge page. Note that, if the page or DL links become unavailable, check back again in a couple hours. 



  1. Hm! That X8 Trial Version looks different from the one that's on the Command Mission disc. Much different, in fact! Did Alia and Axl not have art, yet? Bizaare!

    As always, if anyone finds anything cool, share it here, or document it in The Cutting Room Floor, please!
    (I am not a spokesperson or affiliated with said site. I'm just an avid user~)

  2. Where can I see the cutscenes with VAVA and Lumine? I need to see them real bad.
    And other CGI cutscenes for that matter.

  3. We've got nothing yet. It's still new but I'm sure someone will upload them to YouTube shortly. Don't worry; I'll update the post when they become available.

  4. To second Unknown


    Vile cutscene didn't show up for me in the prototype (and getting past Sigma is impossible for me lol) so I think it reuires using tools.

  5. I'm the second Unknown.
    Thank you!
    Does the scene with Lumine's tentacles exist in the files then? I wanted to see it too :D

    Jesus, VAVA without filters is the best thing ever. Why didn't that cutscene trigger for me? D:

  6. The game is beatable, the ending plays and it doesn't unlock anything. I don't remember if the Vava cutscene played for me but Lumine's cutscene definitely didn't play. From Sigma's fight it jumps straight into Lumine's first phase with Alia's reused dialogue from the beginning of the game as placeholder. The cut shinobi repliroid does appear in the game in Pitch Black at least. Seemed to work fine but didn't check because I destroyed them immediately. Axl's copy ability actually works. You have to destroy a new generation repliroid, collect the item that leaves behind and then move the right analog stick to the side like in the final game I guess. Move to the side again to switch to the copy shot. X's secondary weapons have to be equipped from the weapons menu, at least L1/R1 don't work. Zero's abilities don't work or at least haven't found a way to make them work. That's all for now.


    I uploaded the cutscenes.

  8. Shoutouts to Hidden Palace for this MASSIVE prototype dump. This is an incredible lot!


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