Thursday, April 16, 2020

Mega Man Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Passes Away at Age 55 Due to Cancer

Keiji Fujiwara, who voiced Gate in Mega Man X6, Mr. Famous and Pharaoh Man.EXE in the Rockman EXE anime, among countless other iconic video game and anime roles, died on Sunday, April 12th at the age of 55. According to his talent agency, Fujiwara died from cancer.

Fujiwara is perhaps best known for voicing Axel in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Ardyn in Final Fantasy XV, Reno in both Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maes Hughes in Full Metal Alchemist, Leorio in Hunter x Hunter, Hannes in Attack on Titan, and Crayon Shin-chan's Hiroshi Nohara. He voiced the latter for 24 years. You can find his complete resume here.

Rockman Corner extends its condolences to Fujiwara's family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

Source: Oricon (via Anime News Network)



  2. Well, at least it's not related to the Corona Virus threat, like how some video game voice actors have died recently. Still very sad though. :(

  3. Sigh, Two things.

    A. 55 is way too early to go out. Cancer is the absolute worse. Square and the world in general lost a killer voice.

    B. I was super pissed at the news title untilin my Google feed until I realized it was from Rockman Corner and now some random clickbait site trying to tug at some strings. It's rare when the sentiment is genuine nowadays.


    1. Try 42. That's how old Koji Wada was when he passed a few years back from his throat cancer.

      Cancer just doesn't give a damn...

  4. Grew up listening his voice . Gave the world hope . 🌐

  5. Grew up listening his voice . Gave the world hope . 🌐

  6. So sad, may he rest in peace.

  7. That sucks man. I loved him as Gate, he was a lotta fun.

  8. God freaking damn. I know I'm a little late to this, but damn.

    Gate's voice was absolutely perfect in X6. While it's obvious that even if the character had somehow made a return to the series, we would almost certainly have heard an english dubbed voice instead, I still can't help but think "what if."


  9. First Signas (Hirotaka Suzuoki), Second fellow X6 villain Isoc (Takeshi Aono, who originally voiced Wily), Then Iris (Yuko Mizutani), and now Gate (Keiji Fujiwara).

    We lost four Japanese voice actors in the Mega Man X series.
    May they all rest in piece. F


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