Monday, April 20, 2020

Dimension Studios Zero Model Kit Now Available to Pre-Order

It's been a little while since we heard anything from this guy! Dimension Studios' upcoming Mega Man Zero series Zero model kit is currently up for pre-order from Play-Asia. Reservations will be accepted between now and May 21st, 2020. (Note: the images shown do not represent the final kit) In terms of additional retailers, there is a strong chance more will trickle at in the very near future. So if what Play Asia is offering is a bit out of your price range, hang in there.

As previously reported, the kit stands at 17cm (roughly 6.70 inches) and features a high degree of articulation and detail. It even features an interior"skeletal system" for a greater degree of pose-ability! Accessories include the Z-Saber, Bust Shot, Triple Lance, Shield Boomerang, left and right hand Z-Knuckle parts, and several different face plates.

The kit is on track to ship sometime in Q2 2020. Additional details are forthcoming soon!

Source: Play-Asia


  1. Ummm, shipping is like almost the price of the model. Guess I'll pass on this, but it does look good.

  2. The yellow reminds me of model a

  3. Take the hair from this model and put it on a Kotobukiya model and one might have something pretty good.

  4. It's not clear from the solicitations if this kit is in color, or if it requires painting.


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