Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Get Equipped with Official Rockman Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Is your living room, kitchen or bedroom not quite up to snuff for those professional or personal virtual meetings?

Thanks to Rockman Unity, now you can meg-ify your Zoom meetings with the Rockman 1 title screen, Dr. Wily's lab, the sprawling green pastures of Rockman 2's ending cutscene or the Rockman 2 stage select screen. Hit up those links and give 'em a download. They're pixel perfect, too! You can read how to set up Zoom backgrounds here.

Remember: wash your hands, don't touch your face and if at all possible, stay home. If you happen to find yourself completely bored, there's 154 different Mega Man games you could play, too. I guarantee there's at least one or two in there you haven't played. I, for one, really should knock out Super Adventure Rockman one of these days.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. I'm not sure if these zoom backgrounds were supposed to be 1200x675 or if they were saved incorrectly and were supposed to be 1280x720, but in any case, I took two of them and added the correct dimensions to them. It's possible to do the other ones as well, but for pixel perfection, you have to play the games, take screenshots to work with and adjust them accordingly, then apply the Capcom copyright in the corner.

    Rockman 1 Title Screen

    Rockman 2 Stage Select Screen

  2. I own Super Adventure Rockman and would LOVE to beat it, if I only knew what they were saying!

  3. @VixyNyan
    The images are actually 1080p. If you add ":orig" to the end of a Twitter image URL, you can see it full resolution.

  4. Wowow WAIT! Are those backgrounds Literally pixel perfect??!

  5. Actually, I got the full 1080p size backgrounds saved properly from the Rockman Unity tweet, if you want them, here you go:


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