Monday, May 30, 2016

More Rockman X3 Prototype Gameplay

As promised, here's some additional gameplay from the Rockman X3 prototype currently in our possession. To reiterate, we're going to dump it as soon as we nab some quality hardware. Unlike the retail version, the prototype's Cx4 chip is extremely finicky. Once we solve that, we're good to go.

Today's footage features early versions Tunnel Rhino (S. Masaider) and Volt Catfish (E. Namazuros) stages. Hit the jump below or read the video description for the rundown of differences.

-BG is significantly different throughout

-Unused excavation devices (the things that later dump dirt within the cave) appear at the beginning of stage. I think this helps with the impression that the quarry is being mined.

-Hell Crusher's base has a different drill graphic and the wall he breaks through is absent

E. Namazuros:
-His graphics are more or less completely different, giving him a bit more of a comical appearance than he has in the final game (mostly thanks to the shoop da whoop face). To me it actually feels a bit more inline with how he appears in his animated PS1/Saturn version intro than the retail version's graphics.

-As a result of my crummy playing in this level, you can witness the stun mechanic. Certain damages make X fall to his knee, stunned. I think it feels somewhat consistent as to which damages cause this (such as touching a Head Gunner and certain boss damages), so I think it might be an intentional (and later removed) mechanic and not a glitch.

Doppler intermission:
-BG is a bit different

-Doppler's graphic might be a bit different: His beard-stroking arm is static and the associated hand is positioned a bit differently as a result

-Byte/Mandareera BB's sprite is final in this scene, but not when you actually fight him. However, just as a side note, the graphic used for this scene in both this proto and the final game is not the same as the sprite used when you fight him in the retail game.


  1. Nice footage! Can't wait til it's dumped.
    At 7:26, X is hit by a missile and drops to one knee. I don't remember that being in the final game- is that an interaction specific to those missiles?

    1. It seems to be caused by certain enemies/attacks. I believe I've seen it happen when taking damage from a de Voux and when rammed by Blizzard Buffalio. While it hasn't really been on display in my videos, the prototype is a little bit glitchy and clearly unfinished in spots, so it could just be a glitch. However, I am kinda leaning toward it being a removed mechanic since it does seem to be linked only to certain attacks.

  2. Very well-observed, Will! That was particularly interesting!

    By the way, if there's something that interests me as much as the X3 Prototype being dumped, it's Rockman Gold Empire reuploaded for download here, as well. ;)

  3. Do you plan on uploading the rest of the prototype this week? I'm dying to see Doppler 2 stage and how different it is!

    1. CD - the guy with the cartJune 2, 2016 at 3:31 PM

      I will try. My recording setup is awful (my S4 phone wrapped to a remote with a rubber band and placed on a tripod since I don't have a proper phone stand or my own digital camera) and the prototype lacks a password system so it is a bit tricky to record. I could just leave the game running, but I definitely prefer to avoid doing that. I will let Protodude know when I have the majority of the game on my YouTube account so he can post about on here and/or to his twitter if he so chooses.

  4. Do you plan on uploading the rest of the prototype this week? I really want to see Doppler 2 stage!

  5. There were a lot of things I saw that I wish they kept in the final version. Looks fantastic!

  6. Well that's awesome news! I was afraid this would go undumped. It gives me hope that someday someone will find the White City prototype of X1. Maybe that IS just a mockup as has been speculated many times, but I've never seen a definite "yes" in that regard so I still hold out hope we'll see it one day.

    Thanks and more thanks for all the effort in preserving all these unique builds!


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