Thursday, May 12, 2016

E-Capcom Preparing Exclusive Rockman EXE 15th Ann. Goods

The year-long Rockman EXE 15th anniversary celebration comes to E-Capcom with exclusive goods. Starting today, fans can pick up a limited water color print illustrated by Ryuji Higurashi and a Roll/Mr. Prog mug. Orders will be accepted until late June, early July.

The print and mug represent "volume 1" of exclusive E-Capcom products slated to debut over the next few months. It's unlikely we'll see these particular products outside of E-Capcom... but hey, there's always eBay!

Source: E-Capcom, 4Gamer


  1. The water colour print looks nice, not sure if is worth the price though. $110 or close to that.

  2. Why is Roll.EXE cuddling the heck out of that Mr. Prog?

  3. Ooooh man I want both of these so badly.


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