Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sentinel's Rockman Figure Goes On Sale August

First revealed at the Winter Wonder Festival, Sentinel's highly articulated Rockman action figure will hit retail this August. Pre-sales go live on April 18th for 4,320 Yen (about $40 US), Ami Ami reports.

The 4-inch (10cm) figure ships with two alternate hands, a Rock Buster, one interchangeable face plate, and a basic display stand. North American distribution has yet to be determined. More details and images available here.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. This figure looks so great! Even better than the D-Arts Megaman. I'm super psyched for the Rush Adaptor Megaman and Cutman figures.
    A little word of advice to Sentinel: Stay away from Megaman Zero.

    1. A little word of advice to Sentinel: Stay away from Mega Man Zero, until you're ready to move on to something else that sales well, which should be soon. this is Mega Man after all.*

    2. Ya, for some reason, it seems like Mega Man Zero is a curse for toy/figure lines. he ended the Jazwares line, the Kotobukiya line, and seemingly even the D-Arts/FiguArts line.

  2. Here I will dream about figures that will never, ever be made. Such as: Dr. Wily in his capsule saucer, Auto, Duo, Ballad, Gutsman, Napalm Man, Cloud Man...

  3. Looks awesome.
    Hopefully Cutman will be available soon, so they see how a success it is, and then maybe they will do other robot masters, Dr Wily, protoman, etc.
    Nice they kept the same size as the D-Arts (have them all), so i can put them altogether in my collection :D


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