Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hack 'n Slash Fan-Game "Reploid Zero" Coming Later This Week

For your consideration, here's a brief look at "Reploid Zero" -- a mobile fan-game from Chateau Studios due later this week. The premise is simple: cut down as many Pantheon foot soldiers as you can while staying alive. Pantheons will retaliate with close-quarters weapons. Zero can guard against these attacks... but do it too much and they'll beat the scrap out of you.

It may not be the extensive Devil May Cry-esque Zero game some fans have longed for, but it seems fun! Check out more gameplay at Chateau's YouTube Channel here.


  1. Looks good, looks good. Hopefully they will add some variation of the EX skills, weapons or other movements to add more options.

    By the way it is not the first game to do this, the fangame "The Master System" does the same but the author wants to add story and RPG elements.

  2. I've never played a Mega Man Zero game (I eventually plan to). That being said, I"d totally be down for an MMZ(X?) game done in the style of a DMC-esque hack-n-slash.

  3. Looks cool, but is it much to ask for a story, levels and bosses? It appears to be Just some endless mobile game that will have iap and ads like almost all crappy mobile games, just mindless cash grabbing time wasters.

    1. You have to cut him some slack, he developed this by himself (from what i know). It will take time and resources to create a more extensive game.

  4. To be honest, I'm kinda getting KHI vibes from seeing Zero do that dodge roll.

  5. Id buy this in heart beat if it cam eout for the 3ds

  6. That makes me think...
    Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Gundam, One Piece, Fist of the North Star, ...
    Next: Mega Man!
    Fund it Capcom & Koei!!!
    I wonder which setting and title would be better...

    -Classic (Light vs. Wily, +Cossack)
    -MMX (Hunters vs. Mavericks, +Repliforce, Red Alert, ...)
    --MMX Command Mission (Resistance vs. Rebellion)
    -Zero (Resistance vs. Neo Arcadia)
    -ZX series (Guardians & Hunters vs. Mavericks & Raiders)
    -Legends (Trigger vs. Sera before Halcyon Days)
    -Battle Network (Official NetBattlers vs. WWW/Gospel/Nebula, although it might need to focus on the network like Network Transmission)
    -Star Force
    -Or a Rockman Xover done right!

    Mega Man: Metal Warriors? Robot Warriors? Master Warriors? 20XX/21XX Warriors? Reploid Warriors? Maverick Warriors? Resistance Warriors? Biometal Warriors? System Warriors? Air Pirate Warriors? Network Warriors? Star Warriors? Xover Warriors? ...???

    1. Fist of the North Star? Don't you mean Dragon Heroes?

      And no if Koei really wants to make money Pokemon is next, it'll probably be their most financially successful entry too.


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