Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Did You Know Gaming?' Tackles Mega Man Legends

I'd wager a good few of you will learn something new from Did You Know Gaming's recent Mega Man Legends feature. Here, the crew looks at some of the more obscure MML factoids; for example, did you know the story originally featured a 4-sided love triangle? (err, love square?). Interesting stuff, especially if you're new to the series.

Speaking personally, I'm honored to be featured in this episode!


  1. I like that they used this very blog in the video. Guess all that research you do finally paid off, eh? ;3

    Seriously though, this was an interesting an informative video about the series.

  2. I usually watch these videos and know half or more of the trivia they say, but I'm surprised to say I had no idea about a lot of this stuff. I really hope the Legends series is doing well on Sony's marketplace. I'll hold out hope for Legends 3 until the day I die!

  3. MML2 more or less features a love square though. Epilogue Sera, Tron, Roll, and Megaman.


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