Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Second Mega Man Legacy Collection Steam Patch Live

Heads up: a second but very small patch for Mega Man Legacy Collection went live on Steam yesterday. According to the change log, it fixes "an issue which caused text and some textures to render as solid blocks of color." This minor annoyance is not an issue on home consoles, so no worries there.

Hopefully Capcom will roll out similar fixes over time for some of the other prevalent issues on PC. While the March update was a welcome addition, many users continue to cite performance issues.

Thanks, Saikyo!


  1. B-b-b-but it's 1:1 perfect emulation.

    1. Yep, totally worth it instead of porting the Complete Works games

    2. Speaking of which, I wonder what's taking them so long to release the Complete Works versions of Rockman 5 and 6 on the U.S. Playstation Store? The fourth one's been there for almost five years now, and there's still no sign of them. That's even worse than the amount of time it took for Mega Man 2-V to be added to the 3DS eShop when Dr. Wily's Revenge was already there.

  2. Personally, I like the PC version the best. So I am glad they are still patching it. Seems to have fixed the leader board bug for me too. Also, doesn't seem to crash randomly anymore.


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