Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Mega Man UFS Expansion Revealed: "Rise of the Masters"

A little over a year ago Mega Man joined Jasco's collectible card game Universal Fighting System. This year, Jasoc Games are beefing up the Blue Bomber line with "Rise of the Masters", a new set of decks and cards due in March. Get a sneak peek after the jump!

 Official sales sheets sent via newsletter:

Thanks for the tip, TokenDuelist!


  1. MSRP?As in Malaysia Ringgit currency?
    If that is then wow so expensive for a booster pack!!!

    Even imported japan trading card game like Idolmaster and Kantai collection is not that expensive with the most expensive is RM50.

    1. That's the price of a booster BOX. which is pretty average for most card games. Japanese booster boxes are cheaper because they have less cards in them.

    2. It stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.

      Something you could have found with ten seconds and google.

  2. I must have that playmat. A Blues shoruken of glory amongst the blue moonlight~

  3. Really... REALLY?!?!?... Guess I'll be the one to say it...

    Protoman: SHOOOORYUKEN!

    Okay, in all seriousness. Mega Man Card Games FTW.

    1. Fun fact about UFS:
      MegaMan has the Chaos Symbol
      Protoman has the Fire Symbol

      This allows them to use Ryu's Hadouken and Ken's Shoryuken respectively.


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