Friday, January 2, 2015

Fans Celebrate 27 Years of Mega Man With New Tribute Album

Love remixes of classic Mega Man music? How about a whole album full of them? You're in luck because Hyacintho Resilience is ready for consumption. This project was put together by a band of talented artists from across the fan community to celebrate 27 years of the Blue Bomber.

The album consists of twelve tracks from all corners of the Mega Man universe, from classic to Star Force. What's more, it's chuck-full of exclusive fan-art (I'd argue the quality is right up there with the stuff from Mega Man Tribute). Best of all it's free. Head on over to the Hyacintho Resilience project site and give it a download.

Props to all those who participated -- job well done!


  1. Zero's theme is still my favorite.

  2. What, no FLAC?


    1. Yeah, never mind. I wouldn't want lossless of this whining, grating, ear cutting aural garbage.

      But it was kind of cool to finally see an arrangement of Legends 2's Jiji/Geetz battle theme. Now here's hoping for a DECENT one, eventually.

  3. I really dug the beats here. I think the BN or Starforce ones take the cake for me, but dang that Geetz battle and X4 duo just rock. I may be the black sheep but hearing those at the gym had me pumping the iron like Hard Man!


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