Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mega Man X Plushie is Going to be a Thing

Capcom is once again teaming up with the purveyor of Mega Man paraphernalia in the West, Great Eastern Entertainment, and the result is a Mega Man X Plush. Though price and release date remain to be determined, sources suggest a late winter/early spring release window. Size-wise, we're looking at 7-inches (roughly in line with GE's previous Mega Man plush outings).

Fun fact: this is first officially licensed X plush. 22 years and no soft version of the great Maverick Hunter has ever been produced. Good on GE for achieving this milestone!

I wonder which character is next? This one shouldn't be too hard to imagine...

Source: Great Eastern Entertainment


  1. It's quite neat. It reminds me of that MegaMan Powered Up plushie that I fortunately still have today. :)

  2. This is soo cool. I have the megaman and protoman plushies. This is an insta buy. I hope to see a roll and mettaur plushies soon.

  3. I'm really disappointed that this wasn't an announcement of a Forte plush, but big congrats X fans - you guys waited long enough for this and the inevitable Zero that will follow. :)

  4. I dont like new goodies because it's pretty boring (like the helmet...), always the same thing.
    But this plushie is pretty nice! Need more love for mmX too! :D hehe

  5. doesnt megaman have enough megaman merchandise already
    damn it capcom get to work

  6. Hey, you guys like Megaman right? BUY OUR MERCH!

    Man, my cynicism is finally getting the better of me. I'm turning into one of "them" and what's worse is I'm starting to finally understand why it happens.

    Maybe one day they'll stop dangling that damn carrot and let us have it.

  7. Ah, that's right. I'm glad the article linked to the other plush things.

    Seeing this reminded me of the sort of Powered Up style plush from before. Thanks for the reminder.

    Looks pretty alright.


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