Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kid Robot Mega Man Figures Delayed, Minis Cancelled

What happened to Kid Robot's Mega Man figures that were supposed to be available in September? According to a customer service representative, the 7-inch Mega Man and Proto Man figures have been pushed back into mid 2015. The pair remain up for pre-order on Big Bad Toystore.

As for the mini figures - the blind box series and keychains - it appears they've been given the ax. BC Direct points us to a message from figure vendor MyPlasticHeart, confirming the cancellation of both miniature lines. This was posted back in July but the statement still stands. For the uninitiated, Kid Robot has been struggling financially; whole lines are being cut, this way and that.

On the upside, someone posted a nice teaser image of a previously unannounced 7-inch Break Man figure. No word if it will ever see the light of day, but the prospect exists. When was the last time Break Man had a figure?

Thanks to BC Direct for the tip!


  1. Wow even the lame tie in merch nobody wants is getting cancelled.

    1. Could it just possibly~ be because of whiny entitled anons like you, who make sure no scrap of interest in resurrecting the franchise can be seen by deciding nobody wants anything at all, and so companies cancel?

      It just may be! Shocking!

      There will never be another game if there is no interest in the franchise at all that can be seen by Capcom and those who license from Capcom. The constant whining of you lot has certainly helped shovel that proverbial grave.

    2. Capcom know perfectly We want a new game and not cheap goodies.
      It's up to them to be real and make a new game and not useless goodies like the helmet of Lootcrate..... seriously ?
      If there wont be any megaman game, it's because dont care anymore since the 3 canceled games. :)

    3. I really wish Blogger had a thumbs up system because you really deserve one for that, taichara. I've been getting sick and tired of almost every single comment on here (as well as a few other sites) being nothing but self-prophetic whining from a bunch of fans who have literally no idea what they want.

    4. Or maybe it takes YEARS to pitch and produce a game? And to fill the gap, you know, keep the franchise profitable, they make merchandise? Because if profits STOP, they don't make any games. Ever.

    5. Orrrr it might just be that Kidrobot has been having financial troubles this year & has been closing their stores all over the place to the point where NECA have had to buy them... it was inevitable that some product lines were gonna suffer, blaming Capcom for cancelling a product line is a bit of an overreaction!

      At least the series is still being recognised by having cameos in both Smash Bros as well as Monster Hunter 4 next year & there's still plenty of merchandise being made, when was the last time we saw anything of Onimusha, Captain Commando or Star Gladiators? We're still getting re-releases on consoles especially on Nintendo platforms, Capcom knows we want a new game & I already feel sorry for the person who has to make the decision with which series to go with to make a new title because at this point no doubt the "fanbase" is just going to complain no matter what is chosen... If you can't find a Mega Man title to re-play out of the 50+ titles we have while we wait for a new title there's something wrong somewhere, is it really that much of a chore to play through MM2 or 3 again or X4 or the Zero series? I'd love to see a new game but it'll come when it comes, as a Classic series fan the classic series went without an entry for 10 years (5 if you count the GBA port of MM&B) back in the late 90's/early 2000's

    6. @emmanuelf06: People didn't buy the games all that much either.

    7. Speak for yourself.
      Seems just about anything bearing the name Megaman can (and likely WILL) be cancelled.

      ...except for that Godawful Archie comic.

      I just don't get the logic behind cancelling the mini figures but keeping the two large figures. With no mini line to support them, the big figures are just an anomaly in the Kid Robot catalog. I'd trade a pair of large Megaman/Protoman chibi-style figures for a set of 12 minis in a heartbeat.

    8. All I can say is that people can only buy merchandise for so many years.

      That's all Mega Man fans have had for almost five now, and it sold well enough for a long time for companies to keep making it. Heck we got more Mega Man related merchandise in the past five years than any other time, save for maybe the height of Battle Network's popularity. If the fans weren't buying all that, I don't know who was.

      But as I said, there's only so long people can buy trinkets and little pieces of merch before sales start to wane. That said, as someone else mentioned, it's probably more likely a problem with Kidrobot more than anything. I expect the Mega Man Amiibo to sell quite well.

      All that's left to say is that good will is very much a thing. Capcom clearly needs to work on theirs if they want this franchise to get back on track.

    9. Awfully presumptuous to label someone as "whiny" and "entitled" because they don't care about a particular piece of merchandise.

      Though I suppose that should be expected since it seems to be the go to comment for anyone who might dare to raise a criticism or complaint with how this franchise has been handled in recent years.

    10. @Anon-9:19: The MM games use to get released in abundance, then people jump to the conclusion that they must all have sold well for that to have happened. People later found that not to be the case in many cases.

    11. "Is it really that much of a chore to play through MM2[...]?"

      Uh, yes?

  2. Ugh! NOO!!! I was looking forward to the mini figures!

  3. Was really looking forward to this. <='( But oh well. At least there are custom figure artists out there. I saved the images of the minis just in case this happend. =P

    Also, well said taichara and Vhyper1985. I knew there were going to be "Waah! Capcom hates us! We want a new game!" comments in here, but you guys put it in words better than I could have.

  4. Taichara:

    I understand that frustration, but I also understand anon1's frustration. Without a new game, Mega Man fans have had their beloved series being strung along by Capcom for quite some time now. I can see a corrupt businessman using your exact same defense, not to explain the reluctance of the company to invest in the series, but to push their high-margin/royalty merchandise.

    tl;dr - Whomever of you is right, we all lose.

  5. Capcooom...!!

    (I'm kidding. I know Capcom probably had nothing to do with this. Literally.)


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