Monday, September 1, 2014

Rockman Xover Battle Tower Delivers Another New Boss

The fourth (and presumably) final member of Nero's inner circle of Rockman Xover baddies has been revealed. The electrically charged "Oro S" now roams the halls of the Battle Tower. The so-called "Maiden of Lightening" is actually the older sister of Verde R. Small word, no?

As per usual, Oro's emergence brings a new piece of music. You can listen to the ripped track here (courtesy of MidniteW). We can assume this will be one of the many pieces headed to the "Capcom Special Selection" Rockman Xover soundtrack.

So with all four bosses revealed, we're left to wonder what the Battle Tower will bring next. Many Xover fans believe this is not the last we'll see of the big four -- a combination, a single boss made up of each member, may be in order.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. ... Raichu? Is that you?

    I approve!

  2. Her design is kinda, generic I can't say I dig it too much.

  3. i really wish cap could just move away from x-over, the characters are bland, the gameplay is bland, the story is bland and the music belongs in a better game. just make that better game already and i'm set.

    why do "females" in rockman that aren't typecasts of other characters in the series, always have to have an unconventional (to the series) weapon? why not she have an electric gun or sword even an axe would be nice, it will at least be original to that character type. got a girl in the series? give her a whip or a wand or some kind of pole object, or some janky gloves. with the exception of marino, the female's in rockman are mostly (hand to mouth fart noise)... man capcom is getting real lackluster, i'm starting to lose faith in even their ability to character design anymore.

  4. It reminds me of an AVGN episode.

    She uses electricity, so she must have thunders in her design!

    She has electric powers, so she must be yellow!

    She's a FEMALE VILLAIN, so she must use a whip!

    Actually, I'm wondering if that thing on her head is helmet or hair, the more I stare at it the more confused I get.

    1. Not thunder, lighting bolts. This was my reply a while ago.

      "This design is meh. Chick(?) with lightning bolt twin-tails, and lighting bolt whip that's colored mostly yellow black and white.....Very original (not). I guess I approve it, but only by the slightest margin."

      Guess it didn't get published cause of me joking around with the person I replied to... I specifically tested if it would actually. But if this comment doesn't, I'll admit I'll be confused.

  5. Is that Pikachu's tail??? They stole it from Pokemon??? I smell a lawsuit or something! O_O

    1. What is up with you people? Do ya'll have like pokemon locked in your brain with no sort of alternative thought process?

      Know what, Mattrex has fire on his back, better call Saul, deep criminal felonies are happening against cyndaquil. Better yet, may as well sue X5 for having a bear, squid, whale, bat, horse, plant, bug cause you know, pokemon invented those. I also heard Tesrat was pretty yellow and electrical.

  6. maybe her design isn't original at all but i can't help it but love it and wish it can be used on other megaman games in future.

  7. I did make a model of this character with an original set of armor. It would be such a shame to see an otherwise decent boss be lost to time.


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