Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Mega Man Gameplay

To this dismay of everyone outside of Japan, there's a Super Smash Bros. demo available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Sad, I know. So while we wait for an international version, here's some excellent footage of Mega Man in action. You can watch it with envious eyes over and over. It looks great, doesn't it?

With the Nintendo Treehouse stream set for Friday, perhaps we'll have some good news to share. Until then, fingers crossed.


  1. Man I really wish there was a new, official, good MM game to play. I mean a real MM game, not some wacky take on it, or guest appearance nonsense.

    1. NONESENSE? Do you have any idea how important this is?

    2. Well, important or not, I still would like playing a MM game instead of SmashBros.

    3. Not sure if my comment got in before, but yeah TekkZero shares my sentiments. One, I don't think Smash is that important (not at all really). Two I want to play select a stage, go through it with projectiles and/or melee in 2D, beat the boss, take the powers and so forth. Not pick a character, use the movesets given or customized, then attempt to knock other characters of a platform.

    4. Phantom Rift also made me miss MMBN. That battle system was the s***, also very good music and art!

    5. "Smash isn't important"
      You're all fools. Even if you don't find it important, millions of kids are going to be introduced to Megaman through this, and if they all start buying Megaman stuff, it might cause the brand to see some real use again.

      This is prime advertising!

      (Of course, I still want Capcom to die and let Nintendo take him....)

    6. Smash not important? Oh, okay. =P

    7. Enough with that "millions of kids" excuse. Did millions of kids pick up Mother because of Smash? Did millions of kids pick up Star Fox because of Smash? Did millions of kids buy Fire Emblem because of Smash since the 10 plus years it has appeared in Smash? NO. Not only didn't millions of kids pick it up, it damn well near went under, if not for its latest entry to only finally just about sale a million units (worldwide), thus saving the series from extinction. Did not Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Sonic etc all sale crap loads of copies before Smash?

      What exactly did Smash help anyway, Kid Icarus? The game that only saw one sequel after a rep in Smash, that sold decently without much competition with heavy advertising on a brand new console, and was spearheaded by the very same person in charge of Smash, and said he doesn't want to continue making games for that series months after its launch? Yup Smash does wonders.

    8. "Did millions of kids pick up Mother because of Smash?"

      There were no Mother games released anywhere outside of Japan

      "Did millions of kids pick up Star Fox because of Smash?"

      Starfox games sold quite well actually

      "Did millions of kids buy Fire Emblem because of Smash since the 10 plus years it has appeared in Smash? NO."

      Fire Emblem reps in Smash is the reason we got actual Fire Emblem games in the West.

      "Million kids" is an exaggeration, I'll agree with that. But it's foolish to believe that Smash Bros does not have an impact on the represented franchises as long as those franchises are actually being capitalized on.

    9. "There were no Mother games released anywhere outside of Japan"

      So millions of units can't be sold in Japan? Also it didn't have to be a million, doing decent enough would have been enough, which it didn't do.

      "Starfox games sold quite well actually"

      The ports were considered failures, and the new updates to the series didn't sale over a million since Smash, let alone millions.

      "Fire Emblem reps in Smash is the reason we got actual Fire Emblem games in the West."

      That has nothing to do with anything, they put them in Melee, so they thought well maybe people should know and get the series they came from since it's already being made for the most popular handheld on the market at the time, so they did that. Since then though it has been a struggle for that series to maintain a profitable existence in Japan or otherwise.

      So no I do not think it's foolish to think that Smash doesn't really do much for it's represented series, outside of what it does inside the game itself, and even then...

    10. It's not a matter of whether or not the millions of people buy it. We aren't talking a 1:1 scale here, we are talking about AWARENESS. Arguably all the series have received more attention, but it didn't do much because of flaws in all of them(Mother's lack of localization and oddness, Fire Emblem being ridiculously difficult and lack of marketing push until Awakening, Star Fox 64 3DS being too close to the original and having no online play nor new content(although there is a new entry coming.))The fact is we only have Classic and X out in the wild right now. And Classic games are a dime a dozen thanks to the fan games, and X is a very mixed bag when you reach later titles.

      And actually it does have to do with Fire Emblem. Marth and Roy being included was kept in America because Treehouse found them interesting, and thus because of it was decided it was time to give Fire Emblem a shot in the west.

      Also Sakurai doesn't really like sequalization, or having to make sequels to games he's already made. He hates it with a passion, it's the reason he left Hal in the first place, because he was tired of Kirby games. It's the entire reason he's done with Icarus. The only real reason he keeps making Smash is because he knows it basically means he can revive and then proceed to make whatever the hell he wants, because Iwata pretty much owes him(and Nitnendo also partly owns his company). And honestly I think it's a smart idea, it means Sora Ltd, his company and employees will have a lot of experience with different genres as a result.

  2. You can't spam Metal Blade like a psycho? This is garbage. I hate this. What a crappy way to celebrate Mega Man.
    ... said no one. <:

    It's kind of interesting that they'd have Rock be part of the demo though. I mean, I guess it makes sense from the perspective of that's who a lot of people are looking forward to playing as. But on the other hand... wouldn't you want to save someone like that for later? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I'm reasonably excited about the game and the pending demo.

    1. Wait until you find out that the only way to unlock Megaman in the game is to log over 500 hours of gameplay.

    2. Wait, the demo has MegaMan unlocked from the start. Is your info aucrate or not? Because 500 hours of gameplay sounds ridiculous...

    3. Mega Man is unlocked from the start - both demo and game.

    4. So... After a friend tossed me a code for the demo (because they're totally awesome like that), I sat down and played it for a half-hour.

      Now that I actually have played the demo, I have to ask... what is this garbage? This game hardly feels like Smash Bros. and Megaman controls like crap! Why is his buster his normal punch anyway? And the weapons he has are all crappy as well. I don't think I'm going to end up buying this game after all.
      ... is what I bet some of you would expect me to say. <:

      Actually, I think the demo gives you a really good look at how the final product is going to be. I mean, it's Smash Bros.... You can't really screw that concept up in a demo.
      I know I questioned it, but the fact that you can play as Megaman is a nice touch and honestly, he feels right at home with the other fighters! His Variable Weapons System is a little strange to work with, admittedly, but no more so than say... Villager. Or going way back, Kirby or Ness. He has a lot of unique features and some great potential to make any Smash fight awesome. I can't wait to play with him online!

      October can't get here soon enough. Heh heh heh.

  3. I played the demo. The computer kicked my butt. XD I need to get use to playing without the c-stick...

    Anyway, for those that achieved Plat for CN and opt-in for emails, Nintendo sent out early, no play limit codes for Smash. You get 4 codes, so check your emails. Demo had Mario, Link, Pikachu, Mega Man, and Villager.

    The public demo will be available next week if you didn't get a code today.


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