Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rockman Sound Box 2 Announced - The "Everything Else" Collection

Capcom is planning to release a follow up to last year's Rockman Sound Box music collection, 4Gamer reports. Appropriately dubbed Rockman Sound Box 2, the new compilation will contain everything the first set was missing: music from classic series spin-offs and side games.

Whereas the previous set collected music from Rockman 1-10, this one is all about the games in between. Sound Box 2 chronicles all five Game Boy games, Rockman & Forte (both SNES and GBA!), The Wily Wars, Rockman Soccer, The Power Battle, The Power Fighters and more.

The ten disc set is slated to ship in Japan on December 17th, 2014. It goes for 12000 Yen (roughly $110 US). Hit the jump below for the disc-by-disc breakdown!

Disc 01
Rockman World (Game Boy)
Rockman World 2 (Game Boy)
Rockman World 3 (Game Boy)

Disc 02
Rockman World 4 (Game Boy)
Rockman World 5 (Game Boy)

Disc 03
Rockman Mega World (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Disc 04
Rockman Mega World (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Disc 05
Rockman & Forte (Super Famicom/NES)
Rockman & Forte (Game Boy Advance)

Disc 06
Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future (WonderSwan)
Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up (PlayStation Portable)

Disc 07
Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS1)
Rockman Battle & Fighters (NeoGeo Pocket)

Disc 08
Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade)

Disc 09
Rockman: The Power Battle (CPS2)
Wily & Right's Rockboard: That's Paradise (Famicom/NES)

Disc 10
Rockman's Soccer (Super Famicom/NES)
Rockman Battle & Chase (PlayStation)

Source: 4Gamer (via Tony Ponce, Heat Man and Nigoli)


  1. Oh god. This means that the misc. games are going to be targeted for YouTube matched content ID soon, doesn't it?

    *sigh* Well, I don't monetize my content anyway, but still...

    1. Hey, wait a minute... No "Best of Mega Man" (Game Gear)? No Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future? No Capcom World or Right & Wily's RockBoard: That's Paradise!? And what about those keen extra tracks from the "collection" games on the Playstation 2 and GameCube? Boooooo!

      (I could also say something about Rockman Strategy, but I think I've made my point.)

    2. Um, Rockman & Forte WS is there. So is Rockboard.

    3. He didn't have the complete game listing up when I wrote that comment. :<

      But still! Bonus tracks? Game Gear tunes?? Come aaaaawn, Capcom! You have the freaking NeoGeo Pocket Color tracks on there, why not the Game Gear ones?? And also, Capcom Quiz World (Game Boy) has a couple remixed tracks, I think.

      There is literally no reason not to have those on here if the freaking NeoGeo Pocket Color ones are.

    4. Wasn't the Game Gear game made by U.S. Gold, and American company? Capcom might not even know the game exists.

    5. I actually prefer the original material and not localized garbage myself, even if there are exceptions to including things like "Bonus Tracks" used for localized titles of these games.

      The Game Gear game might have been average at best for something that had a license, compared to those MS-DOS games. The Game Gear game still has it's fair share of problems which is fine enough to not be apart of the Box.

      Don't even get me started on those horrid localized collections that were just awful compared to the original counterparts. If they did count, they would have been in the E Can Sound Box / Sound Box 1 in the first place.

    6. @AnonymousSeptember 27, 2014 at 3:21 PM
      And Bandai made Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future. And a trio of different companies made the Rockman World series. Not sure about the other games.

      I just want all the things. Is that so much to ask for? Everything and anything? *sob*

  2. I'm happy over this. I actually did end up getting the two Arcade CDs some years back, but I never owned the Battle & Chase one. If that was 2CDs, I'm assuming it won't be full for that last Disc. Unless you could actually fit all of them on 1 Disc, which I'm doubting.

    I'm wondering how the quality of the GB games will sound, and hopefully not as horrible as the E-Can Box's 2. Which made me not favor them on that release, and instead favor the old Family Computer Generation release in 2002 for 1~6 instead. Hopefully Rockboard sounds fine without problems with certain channels.

  3. And probably almost all done with emulation, like the half-assing bastardized Rockman murderers they are. *spits*

  4. I hate Ariga's artwork, but I do love me some RM&F SFC music. I'm hyped for that.

    1. Wow, there's people that hate Ariga's artwork? The world is really big.

    2. Most people like Ariga's directionless, badly angled, disproportionate, and now sloppily lined and blandly wacom-colored artwork? I guess it's true what they say, most of the time the most popular things are the most mediocre and overrated.

      Not to mention the unoriginal steampunk inspired aesthetic he degenerated the sleek Classic and X designs into, all with an unoriginal artstyle.

      I don't mean to hate on the guy (which I'm not, just his artwork and designs), but bleh. Just my opinion.

  5. I'm surprised they included the Wonderswan version of Rockman and Forte, but not Super Adventure Rockman.

    1. No lie, SAR and Rockboard are the only MM games (outside of those PC ones) I've never even heard even a sample of music from, in fact I've never even seen Rockboard in action. I could experience it right now by just going to Youtube but, ah that's too much work...

  6. I read this on TMMN:
    "a couple notes mentioned that the soundtracks will use recordings from the original game substrates, so there's a possibility of tracks having noise. Also, while there isn't any specification, the listed games won't have complete soundtracks, but partial selections."

    So, does that mean that these songs are going to be ripped from the games themselves with sound effects going off in the background? Don't they have these songs stored in some archive somewhere? Also, partial selections and the lack of several other spin-off games? Is this an actual thing they are going to charge people money for??

    I really hope they don't charge an arm and a leg for this. This seems half-assed at best, and after witnessing everything they've been releasing lately, that's saying a lot.

    1. "So, does that mean that these songs are going to be ripped from the games themselves with sound effects going off in the background?"

      Wouldn't be the first time...

  7. Never mind about hoping they won't be charging an arm and a leg. I read it was going to cost $110!

    Wow, that is so not worth it.

  8. If only it said games & not soundtracks... that'd be an amazing collection & an wasy way to get hold of some of the rarer games in the series ...


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