Sunday, September 28, 2014

Budget-Friendly Mega Man Hoodie Outed By UK Retail

With the days of cooler fall weather rapidly approaching, it's appropriate a new officially licensed Mega Man hoodie has become available. This budget-friendly ware is currently in stock at various UK based retailers, like Gamerbilia, Amazon UK and Gamer Heaven. International shipping is on the table.

The Mega Man hoodie has proven to be a popular concept over the last couple years, so I'm glad folks have a more inexpensive option now (and it looks good too). As one may recall, Capcom/Volation's previous effort carried a $200+ price tag. If you're short on Zenny, this is the way to go!

Thanks for the tip, Eric.


  1. Still too expensive.

    1. Why are things like this always so expensive? This is why I haven't owned any specific video game clothing since I outgrew my Nintendo Power Wii shirt... Things like this, even if they don't look great, are so pricey! Granted, this does look pretty nifty, but still... I cannot justify spending $56.77 USD (plus international shipping, which is pretty hefty) on one article of clothing...

  2. And, this one is probably the best design of the lot. It hasn't got the strange L-Tanks or whatever from the Japanese one, and the made-to-order version had an Assassin's Creed hood and washed-out blues. The only bad thing about this one is the "MEGAMAN" in 8-bit font on the left side, but thats easy to overlook. I might even get this one!

  3. Please, Capcom! Bring to America!

  4. They sell these at EBGames in Australia, well online on their website. I haven't seen in store. Still pretty expensive though ($58AUD), and I'm guessing small is probably men sized small, which = huge on me T^T lol.


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