Wednesday, September 19, 2012

X and Zero Take on Firebrand in New Project X Zone Gameplay

The 2012 Tokyo Game Show has kicked off and with it comes another look at Project X Zone. For your viewing pleasure, here's some gamepaly from the showroom floor demo. Jump to 2:30 to see X and Zero (with a little help from Jill and Chris) beat the scrap out of Firebrand. Fun stuff!

Thanks to @dr_ingex for the tip!


  1. Someone's gonna need to rip those sprites when the game hits.

  2. /\ Agree with sprites!

    Protodude, Firebrand is the name of a single Red Arremer, not the name of the species. And "the" Firebrand is named only in English games and died in Namco x Capcom.

  3. Why can't we get a new 3D Mega Man X game with these kind of graphics?!

  4. great art style, that's the best x and zero artwork I've seen since mmx3 and x4.

  5. Arggggg WHY DO I NOT KNOW JAPANESE!!!!! That's it, taking Japanese, buying Japanese 3DS, and buying this damn game!

    Agree with Anon #4 about the awesome X and Zero artwork! XD


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