Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Minor New Details on Rockman Xover (Updated)

UPDATE: Full scan added above. There's a couple new screens in there, too. Thanks for the contribution, Reploid21XX!

Tarbo-san of COCOROG has gotten a hold of a couple new details for Rockman Xover, the upcoming social RPG for iOS. It's not terribly earth shattering, but interesting nonetheless.

Firstly, the protagonist's name is OVER-1. It's pronounced "over one."

Why "OVER-1" and not something a bit more fancy like "Rockman Xover"? Well, it's like a serial number; he's a mass production model. A personal name may serve little use to OVER-1, although I wonder if the game will let the you rename him to you liking. We're talking about an RPG, after all.

Second bit of info: players will use "Battle Chips" to customize their very own OVER-1. These chips have no connection to Mega Man Battle Network, mind you. It's assumed this is another name for the "Battle Memory" property mentioned over on the game's official site.

UPDATE 2: The full scan is now available and with it comes even more details:
  • Game is free-to-play, however you'll be charged for some in-game items.
  • The game's stages are called quests.
  • You can summon your friend's own unique OVER-1 characters into battle, seen below.

Further, you'll find a big piece of OVER-1 artwork at Famitsu App. It's the same one in the scan but, well, bigger.

And that's all for now, really. I'll let you know if anything else pops up.

Credit: Reploid21XX and The Mega Man Network


  1. Finally, some official art (albeit tinier than a gnat's arsehole).

    Though, "OVER-1"? I think I'll stick with my fanon name for him.

  2. I'm very tempted to laugh.

    Once more information comes out, I will feel more qualified to do so.

  3. If his name is Over-1 I bet that means there's a 2 or 0, who will be the main "original" enemy.

  4. I hate the fur collar.

  5. Geez, Axl is way cooler than this faily attempt.

  6. As sub par as it may be, I really hope it comes to Android because I won't buy an Apple product just to play this. =P

  7. Wow, when I was a kid, I had a megaman fan character named Robo-1.

    He was bland, and unoriginal, just like this weirdo.

  8. Sigma: Wily! What does the energy reading say about his power level?!
    Dr. Wily: It's OVER-1!!!
    Sigma: What?! OVER-1?!!

    ... I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

  9. So much hate for Over-1. I think he looks pretty rad. Much better than some of the bio metal models in the ZX series :/

  10. I hope that it turns out this tidbit is actually that the protagonist's serial number is OVER-1 or OVER-001.

    I'd have been content with this template protagonist being named Overman, Rockman Over, Overock, O-Ver, or maybe even Rockman O Version 1. But if OVER-1 is his only designation? Well that goes towards giving him all the character weight of any given servbot.

  11. Over-1? No 'Rockman' somewhere in his name? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY.

    Nice to see some official art of him, but the name bugs me too much. I'm going to call him Rockman Over-1 because I can. So what if he's also going to be a mass-produced model, he still should have 'Rockman' somewhere in his name.

    Oh, and if I could 'like' Joseph Collins' post, I so would. Over-1 just sounds so damn bland.

  12. I'm getting slightly more hyped after watching the scan, let's hope a trailer will be show at TGS.

  13. @Joseph Collins

    We forgive you. ;)

  14. I've seen better character designs of deviantart.

  15. OVER-1??? Like Over 1? It sounds too low to be a hero...

    And I don't think I can accept him as Over-1 because it is so lame name.

  16. So in addition to Storm Eagle it looks like D-Rex is in the lower right part of that scan.

    So we've still yet to see much from this game that isn't just reused assets from the iOS Mega Man X port.

  17. Mo' like I'm Over-1 company's bad decision making.

  18. As it is a Social RPG, I think the story will be somewhat like this:

    Mega Man is missing somewhere in time and the 2 docs create several Mega Men and give then to the players, who will operate/navigate/spot then through different times to search the original Mega Man, Wily and Sigma.
    Think of it as Rockman Online + Where in Time is Carmen San Diego + Social RPG.

    And gotta love Joseph's comment.

  19. I want it for 3DS and not an iPhone!! Even thought I have an iPhone. Sighing.

  20. Dr. Jerk: Actually, the scan mentions him as "Rockman Over-1", so ya...

    And people need to stop hating on his design. I like the fur collar, personally. Actually, I like everything about this character's design. He looks pretty cool. Not as cool as Shooting Star Rockman (my favorite, design-wise), but still pretty cool.

    Ugh, I just wish this were a full-blown console game with a decent budget, instead of what appears to be a rather low-budget iPhone game. =/

  21. Gee I wonder why Over-1's clones in the lower right have body color matching the tint of the silhouettes of the various Mega Mans on the left.

  22. So... It's like a cheap Facebook game?

    Show's over, nothing to see here.

  23. @Clown Prince of Crime: People are free to feel as they wish about the design. To me, it just looks like an X-armor upgrade. It's not bad, but I really don't dig the fur collar.

    Anyways, these scans have done nothing to alleviate my fears for this game. >_>

  24. The Oblivious PrattlerSeptember 6, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    If it weren't for the boa and the color scheme, I'd like Over-1's look. The game, however? Meh.

  25. @Clown Prince of Crime:

    Ummm...Please control your attitude. TAG is right. First watch your own attitude and how it affects your behavior. Then notice how your behavior affects other people. Thanks. Oh boy.

    Anyway, I do really hope this game is good. :)

  26. Well, I am a little more relieved to hear that he at least does have 'Rockman' in his name, though I have to admit, it's still rather odd for him to be a mass-production model. Unless they're using that as a way to explain multiplayer modes, but still.

    Where exactly does it mention it?

  27. Anyone else wish he name was OVER-0? If we can name him I will change it to that :}

    Well... If I could play the game D:

    I kind of don't get why they couldn't release it for the computer as well. I don't think the mechanics would change that much and it opens up another avenue for revenue.
    Then again I don't know exactly how what mechanics they are using or how hard it would be to program that.

    Who knows, maybe a fan can replicate it down the line?

  28. TAG: Oh, I realize that people are free to have their opinions, and likewise, I'm free to state my disagreement with that opinion. I didn't really mean it literally when I said that everyone "needs" to stop hating on his fur collar, so much that I wish everyone would.

    Anon after Tag: Uh... wha? Watch my attitude? My behavior? What are you even talking about? I express a difference of opinion from the majority and that means I have an "attitude problem" and "bad behavior"? I'm being civil and respectful, so I honestly have no idea what you're even going on about.

  29. I don't really get the hate on the fur collar either. I mean, yes it is odd to put that on a robot, but so is a scarf, freakishly long hair, green chest orbs, and underwear on the outside.

    That's just my 2 cents though.

  30. I find it slightly disconcerting that more attention (both positive and negative) has been brought to the fur collar and design choice of OVER-1, as opposed to the "SKIP" and "AUTOPLAY" buttons for this "Social RPG".

    I'm not terribly familiar with (video game) RPGs in general, but are such options (fast-forwarding through the game) common?

  31. @Captain: No. No, they are not. I actually don't like the unorthodox use of auto-play and skip button features at all, either, on top of this being what appears to be a low-budget iPhone game.

  32. Well, I actually like the design, & it may not be THE game everyone wants, I'm keeping an eye on it.


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