Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Johnny Yong Bosch's Take On Iris' Death

Here's Johnny Yong Bosch (voice of Zero in Marvel vs. Capcom 3) at the Montreal Comic-Con courteously agreeing to reenact Iris' Mega Man X4 death scene... in song.

Did you know he was the (second) Black Ranger? And the lead singer of Eyeshine? I'm telling you, there is nothing this man can't do!


  1. Haha holy cow that was awesome.

  2. It's Morphin' Time! Mastadon!
    Zeo Ranger 4: Green!
    Shift into Turbo!

    Also, technically Johnny was the 2nd Black Ranger. Walter Jones aka Zack was the 1st.

    And yes, I am a hardcore Ranger fan. 20 Morphinominal years and counting, baby!

  3. I love his reaction to the news about Iris. "Hey, I haven't seen it, alright? Now it's ruined, now, I can't even see it..." Out of context, it sounds kind of mean, but everyone laughed. I did, too. XD

  4. Johnny Yong Bosch is such a good sport about something like this! :D

    I was lucky to meet Mr. Bosch in person at an Anime Los Angeles convention back in 2009. :3 I never thought in my life he'd be one of the voices of my favorite Mega Man X character of all time, but then again I didn't get into any of the games until 2010, so... I never even thought about that at the time. But I am glad that he got the opportunity to voice Zero, he sounds great as him (though Lucas Gilbertson is awesome as well). He certainly has a positive reputation. :)

  5. Johnny Bosch = FVKIN AWESOME! Favorite ranger bar none!

    He's also countless anime voices!

  6. Man, I love this guy so much. Even if he has a minor speaking role, I will watch an anime in English just to hear him do his thing.


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