Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mega Man Characters to Appear in "Capcom All Stars"

Capcom Japan today announced Capcom All Stars, a social game set for release on GREE. Details are very slim at the moment, but according to a press release, well-known characters from the Mega Man series (and other Capcom franchises) will appear. Actually, the Blue Bomber can be seen in the image above right behind Morrigan. He's so tiny!

What kind of game is All Stars, anyway? No clue. Capcom didn't talk about a genre, but wouldn't it be neat if this was some sort of all-Capcom fighter? Social-gaming aspects aside, that's something a lot of us have been looking forward to. Myself included!

But we do know this: All Stars is one of six games headed to GREE by year's end. For now, the game is exclusive to the Japanese market. However, two of the six games announced were apparently shown at this year's E3. So yeah, you never now.

For more details, check out Andriasang's original report here.

Thanks for the tip, Tim!


  1. Minna to Capcom All Stars' art style seems to be the same from Minna to Akashic Heroes. I wonder if it will also be a card game.

    Talking about Akashic Heroes:

    Can someone please take images of the Rockman characters? The link has two Rockman and the 2 Wily Machines. From what I know, each card has 2 images, which are actually the same with different colors. (Mega Man using a weapon?)

  2. *sees Ingrid, Asura and Date*

    Want. :)

  3. @Rings:

    That is GREE.

  4. 9 bucks says it's a card game


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