Sunday, February 14, 2016

Super7 Producing "ReAction" Mega Man Figure

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise! Spotted by Toy Ark at this weekend's Toy Fair, Super7 are readying a ReAction Mega Man figure. The figure will reportedly stand 3.75 inches in height. Beyond the above packaging mockup, no other information is available at this time.

Super7's ReAction figures are hugely popular figures based on popular TV and film characters. Mega Man (and the newly revealed Street Fighter figures) mark the company's first forray into video game territory. More news on this as it comes!

Source: Toy Ark


  1. Weird, 70s retro style doesn't really fit the character.

    1. Speak for yourself! I'd love a bad box art mega man figurine.

  2. It would be really funny if he was based on the Ruby Spears version. It would keep in theme, and be closer to their typical molds and character proportions! If it's a more classic look like the art indicates, we may end up with a figure very similar to the mini-Jazwares figures from the mid-2000's. I'll pick up two either way!

  3. You know, I was hoping we might see some of these. Looks like it's happening!

    Someone already beat them to the punch though. Although custom, these look great and more in line with classic Kenner figures:

  4. ReAction figures bite the big one.
    Made as crudely and cheaply as the action figures of old, but they still charge a premium price.
    Plus they make figures of characters we've long wanted quality figures of. It's like a sadistic monkey's paw wish.

  5. Oh god, they are going to look ugly as fuck. The only way I'd see these work is if they based the designs from the Ruby Spears Mega Man series.

  6. Ew.
    Eeeeeww. I didn't want those awful kenner figures as a kid, and I definitely don't want them now. Just because something is old and prolific doesn't make it good or nostalgic. Going by that logic we'd have a resurgence of Tiger games.


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