Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mega Man Legacy Collection Hits Retail Today

Can you believe it's been six years since the last physical Mega Man game hit store shelves? Ten years since the last one on home consoles? All that ends today with the physical release of Mega Man Legacy Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS.

Right now, you can pick MMLC for $29.99 at retail or $14.99 from the North American eShop (a pricing error currently lists it much higher. Don't buy until it's fixed!). The Nintendo 3DS Collector's Edition is also out now for $49.99, which ships with an exclusive gold Mega Man Amiibo. Alternatively, there's the Amazon-exclusive Mega Man & E-Tank statue bundle for $129.99 (PS4 and Xbox One only).

Whether your picking up MMLC for the first time or buying every SKU under the sun, I hope you enjoy!


  1. I'm still waiting for a list of those contest winners. Maybe they're in the game credits? Somewhere? I know Greggaman left Capcom Unity yesterday, so I don't guess he'll be revealing any answers himself...

    1. If your referring to the Amiibo submission challenges, the answer is Yes. The winners have their names at the end of the credits from the credits option on the main menu.

    2. Rockin'! I'd love to see that list some time and see if anyone I know submitted and won.

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    4. Here are the contest winers if you are interested:

      Colin Moriarty (designed Moriarty's Test)

      Amie Falamie
      Brandon Valenzio
      Jason Marciniak (designed Ready Set Go)
      Jerry Allshouse
      Joseph Collins
      Joshua East
      Keelan Clifton
      Nathaniel Hoover
      Niklas Källarsson
      Tom Lyman

      Unfortunately, with the exception of Moriarty, the credits don't list who made what. I only know who designed the "Ready Set Go" challenge because I'm the one who designed it.

      By the way, would that Joseph Collins happen to be you?

    5. Maaaybe! Well actually... definitely yes. Heh heh. Funny thing is, they let me know last October that I was one of the winners. I just wanted Capcom Unity/Digital Eclipse to announce the winners themselves before the game came out, rather than me popping up and going "Hey guys, guess who won!" Never happened, but hey! At least the names are in the game!

      Too bad I don't recognize any of them... Eh heh heh!

  2. It's been 7 years and going if you're counting a physical Mega Man game that wasn't a re-release. Legacy Collection is solid though, not the best collection ever, but not too shabby either it's exactly what I expected it to be and I'm ok with that.

  3. Just tried it out on my N3DS, and for the most part it works well. MM5 has some horrible lag issues though to the point I'd say it's almost unplayable at times. Cool to have the games on the go, but this definitely won't be my preferred way to play.

    1. I just tried it as well and was curious to see if anyone was having the same experience I was. I tried Mega Man 5 first (it being the first MM game I owned and one of my favorite NES titles) and was surprised to see how choppy and sluggish it ran. Totally unlike how I remember playing it on any platform in the past. Interesting that someone else noticed it as well. I've yet to try the other games, but I did a couple challenges and the sections I played seemed to run well.

      I wonder if a patch is in order?

    2. I tried out Tomahawk Man's stage because I saw an issue with the palette when you get to the area with the sunset and sky. Not only was it not accurate, but there was slowdown in that area too.

  4. I also notice crackling music with megaman 5 as well as the choppy frames. When at the robot master selection screen it's awful!

  5. While megaman 5 is crappie ROCKMAN 5 runs great! you can switch versions in the options menu

  6. Brandon ValenzioJune 8, 2019 at 6:35 PM

    I'm kinda late to this party, but would like to confirm that I am responsible for Extreme Buster Bonanza haha.


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