Saturday, February 10, 2024

MDLX Mega Man Now Available to Pre-Order

ThreeZero's MDLX Mega Man is now available for pre-order, directly from ThreeZero and authorized retailers. These include Big Bad Toystore, Entertainment Earth, and Toy Dojo. It's scheduled to ship in July 2024.

For those unfamiliar, MDLX Mega Man stands at approximately 4 inches in height, featuring two interchangeable faceplates, seven distinct hand parts, a charge shot effect, and an E-Can. Its built-in magnets on the feet enhance poseability, providing a wide range of display options. 

The Limited Event Exclusive Edition is expected to go on sale shortly as well. It includes an additional 1-UP accessory that can be displayed alongside the figure. You can see what that looks like here. The Event Edition will be exclusively available at physical conventions, with a list of participating events provided in our prior coverage.


  1. So, our Blue Bomber gets many action figures, how lucky he is! 😆

    1. We're lucky as fans, too!

      He's a great (timeless, really) design, so I'm always grateful to see that creators have been inspired for decades to seek the license to manifest Rock's likeness in so many different artistic mediums!

      I remember almost 30 years ago when I thought the Ruby Spears US figure of Mega Man was the best thing I'd ever be able to get in the US, and I am so glad that the figures keep getting better.

  2. Doesnt look like die cast will be a thing so I'll pass because it's the same thing as sentinel. I won't care about the casual excuse of "nuh uh but magnets" Nel X had that and I didn't care then lol. Tiz a shame cause I'd have snapped that up for no reason before other than the fact it simply existed before but now I don't see MegaMan as a point of interest in any regard.

    1. ThreeZero MDLX is specifically a line which includes die-cast parts; are you just not reading or understanding the descriptions?

      Directly from the website: "...structure that combines metal and engineering plastic..."

      Yes, die-cast parts are definitely "a thing" on this figure, just like everything else from MDLX.

    2. I've made it clear multiple times on multiple posts I'm not making an effort beyond clicking this sites url lol. And even if I'm "anon" it's obvious who I am I'm the only one who has ever had the "No thank you" stance rofl! Besides it was not relayed on this post so of course I didn't know why would I go through the effort for a dying IP? Nothing but merch for 2 decades basically and MM11? My self respect finally slapped me enough to convince me to leave this series behind I'm still getting rid of all his junk I have. Also not everyone knows the name of every figure/toy company "why would they" so I wouldn't know everything from them is die cast "PARTS" not Armor its PARTS. Also I've never bought anything from them. I don't make it a point to research every company I just care about the quality of the products something the MegaMan fan base lacks more than any other I've never seen a fan base on this much Troll fishing line in my life lol. Even Fish will remember the bait when used long enough what's the MM fan bases excuse? 🤣 I cared about die cast armor like TruForce X not selective crumbs for segment assembly.😋 My points may seem like semantics to the common eye but it's an important distinction like how you'd consider the dogs nose a slave while the brain is capable of more. Ask me how I see the fan base. 😂 why are things pointed at the ground telling me where to look? Hahahahaha!

    3. You're throwing a lot of shade at a figure you don't have in-hand, and towards a manufacturer you admitted know nothing about. "I don't know this company, but I know which PARTS are metal in a figure that's not out yet from I line I know nothing about!"

      On top of that: you seemingly don't know how licensing works; CAPCOM didn't solicit (and isn't paying for) the creation of this figure. Executives at CAPCOM aren't sitting around going: "Should we action figure or video game? Let's action figure AGAIN!" ThreeZero wanted to make a Rockman figure, and CAPCOM gave them the thumbs-up ... after they took ThreeZero's money for the license! It's not like CAPCOM was going to make a game, but then someone asked to license the IP for a figure, and CAPCOM said: "I guess we'll choose figure over game and wait another decade!"

      Consider learning to punctuate; your posts are nearly unreadable, which unfortunately makes you seem less smart than you appear to think you are.

      If you're leaving the series behind: might as well spare us these inane posts, too.
      No, thank YOU!

    4. It's not obvious who you are. For all the rest of us can tell, you anonymous people are just one really bored guy arguing with yourself with inane nonsense.
      It takes all of two seconds to type in "name here" in the text box, even if you have no account, so the rest of us know who the fuck we are talking to. It's free, it's not hard, Capcom doesn't get a penny, and it proves you have a modicum of IQ as well as basic conversational skill.

  3. Well, the price ain't terrible, it's cheaper than I expected.
    I already got the Jada Toys set coming (they are out now) and when it costs $15 to go to lunch these days, I'm gonna wait for now. At least with Kotobukiya you get the satisfaction of putting it together. Those are more of a project and more interesting.

    1. Bruh, a couple years ago Threezero made a bumblebee statue/figure and it was like $ 400 iirc. Surprised this is only 40

    2. I think $54 after shipping to the US is an excellent price for a quality figure with lots of articulation and die-cast parts, but to each their own.

      Agreed that -- for people who like it, and are experienced -- model-kits can be a satisfying hobby which yields great results, but Kotobukiya's prices are ridiculous, and their kits don't yield the best results for inexperienced builders. This MDLX is a finished piece (painted and assembled) with metal parts, and it's still $20 cheaper after shipping than most Kotobukiya Rockman kits are before shipping. I don't really think ThreeZero MDLX vs. Kotobukiya is an apt comparison.

    3. is this the same shrap that did those model customs years ago? if so, HUGE fan.

    4. I didn't make a comparison. I voiced a preference. I enjoy building models. I like the Kotobukiya kits because they are fun. The customization potential is high. And I think Kotobukiya gets a bunch of flack for no reason. Bandai is far from perfect. I have lots of issues with their kits too. They, too, are often poorly gated, fragile, loose, etc. They are just cheaper because they sell more. Their SMP figures look like cheap bootlegs. They aren't that far removed from model kits that come with candy. And their paint aps suck.

      There are too many things I want to buy for my collection that I don't know if I need another Rockman figure taking up a spot to just keep in the box on the shelf. I have a mega armor. I have the Sentinel. I have the D-Arts. I have a Jada. I a Good Smile Company. I have an amiibo. I even have a worthless funko pop. So, I'm good. For now.

      I do have some modest interest in the Three Zero Tekkaman Blade figure. That's another one I am watching for now.

    5. +1 for the "I even have a worthless Funko Pop!" I have the Proto Man Pop! myself, but only because there just aren't a lot of figures for him out there. How's the Jada? I am waiting to have BBTS ship my set until I get some other things in.

      Tekkaman Blade looks great! If you don't have anything by ThreeZero: I think you'll be pleased with what you get for the price, regardless of the character.

    6. My Jada set shipped but has not arrived. Planning to leave them MIB though.

    7. Jada arrived today. They look nice in box. They are a bit larger than I thought they would be.

    8. Free them from their plastic prisons!

    9. I got Fire Man in yesterday, and he has a couple paint job screw-ups. Other than that, it's a pretty solid toy.

    10. Most of them aren't major, save for the front top of Fire Man's head (the one on his body by default) being discolored.

    11. I noticed some uneven paint apps on Ice-Man's belt. But what do you expect for the price, when everything is made in China? It's pretty typical.

  4. I like the price of this one and since I don't have a classic MM and because I wanna see how threezero figures are I might get this. Side Note: I want to try playing one of the classic Mega Man games does anyone have a good suggestion for a starter.

    1. MM2 is arguably the fan favorite.
      MM3 for length.
      MM7 for content.
      MM11 for "modernity"

    2. Mega Man 11 is a great place to start, honestly; the game-play is great, and it has a host of features (difficulty levels, challenge modes to "practice" parts, etc.) which are the most beginner-friendly in the entire series. I love the graphics, character designs, and animations too. I highly recommend playing on anything other than the Switch to fully appreciate the finer details of the graphics and animations. (I also don't think Switch can run it at 60fps.) If all you have is a Switch: it's still a great game.

    3. Go with Mega Man 3 or 11. All of them are good, but personally for me I can't go back to the limited ground movement of Mega Man 2 and even if I did I would go back to 2 for it. Honestly they did a great Job with 11, it is probably the best one, great level design, power ups, controls (literally inarguable best controls, every Mega Man game needs weapon/rush wheel select), good flow(physics, speed). decent to good animation, great performance. tone was right, aesthetics were nice, it captures the spirit of Mega Man well without any weird modern social/pol insertions.

      It's real only glaring problem is the soundtrack. I see many say they don't like it and personally, I am not too fond of it either. But that is something subjective and you might like it, but know that if you don't, it does not represent the bar the series usually sets.

    4. Either emulate 1-6 or get the actual console. Try playing them in order or try all the stages in one game and if you can't advance, switch with another game. If or when you can't advance in any of them, choose the one game with the stage you get the closest to to complete and don't give up on beating the boss in that case, good luck.

    5. MM Powered Up for charm
      MM11 for ease
      MM10 for polish and true MM essence

      all 3 of these games have wonderful difficulty level options.

      PU and 10 have multiple characters.

      10 and 11 have great shop items.

      MMPU and 11 have voice acting.

    6. I'd say to avoid MM 1-8, especially for a beginner. They're all inferior versions of what we have now, and are full of issues that make them poor first choices.

      MM1 is the least polished, and probably the hardest game in the series.
      MM2 is metal blades the game, with some awful levels, and some terrible bosses. it was amazing at the time, but theres a LOT of flaws there.
      MM3 is even more flawed. slow down, wonky hitboxes, softlock spots, some of the worst weapons in the series. it's pretty broken and unfinished.
      MM4 is pretty okay, some bad level design here and there, but kinda long. nothing special, but nothing particularly terrible. it's a good one to go onto next after the good games.
      MM5 charge shot the game, one of the easiest and worst to play. absolute worst weapon set in the series, proto ride chaser stage, which is the worst thing to ever happen to mega man too.
      MM6, clunky mechanics, mostly uninspired robot masters, but jet adapter makes the game worth playing. not a good start, but definitely one you gotta play. just know that plant man has the rush jet adapter, and is the stage that most needs it and possibly the most annoying stage to play. if you can get past plant man's stage, the game becomes fun.

      MM7, awful weaponset, with some more of the worst in the series. game is slow and mostly spectacle. MM11 does spectacle much better without long drawnout unskippable cutscenes, damage effects that freeze you in place, and significantly less button mashing. MM7 is about button mashing.

      MM8, pretty awful. awful outdated voice acting, no weapon weaknesses for enemies, terrible gimmicky levels. one of the worst games in the series.

      MM&B is not for you unless you've played most fo the flawed games in the list. it's for the hardcore and has a lot of awful designs. I love it, but it's probably the worst game to start with, especially on the GBA.

      MM9 one of the best games in the series, but not very beginner friendly. no easy difficulty options at all. it's like Mega Man 2 done correctly.

    7. I think I should have prefaced this by explaining that I have played mega man games before in fact I beat the Zero/Zx collection and beat X1,X2 and X3 on emulator. I was trying to see which game would be best for someone who has experience with the X/Zero/Zx series of games.

    8. Play Mega Man 11!

    9. mega man classic and the X/Z/ZX series are very different beasts.

      X/Z/ZX series gives you a lot of mobility, and a lot of the game is using the mobility to avoid damage, and very much relies on reaction speed along with some pattern recognition.

      classic series gives you very little mobility and mostly relies on pattern recognition and figuring out where the right place to be and when. So, if you have no experience with the classic series, follow the advice given here for the reasons given by people.

      really depends on what you want your first experience to be with the classic series. 11 is the shiniest with a lot of customization if you like X4-X8. MM10 has the smoothest gameplay and represents the core experience best if you like X1/2 or Zero 2/3. powered up is full of charm and playable characters if you like X8 MMZX/ZXA

      if you love X3, you'll love MM7, weapons are virtually the same and they share similar pros and cons.

      if you like Zero 4, you might like MM&B (SNES).

      if you like the Xtreme games, the mega man game boy games might be up your alley, though I really only recommend MM5 GB

    10. Personally, I think there are several better alternatives to MM11. MM3-6 are better. MM7 is even better.
      But that's just my opinion.
      MM11 isn't bad, it just isn't the best. It's just the newest. The music isn't even the best.
      MM8 is probably the worst of the bunch and it's still pretty fun in alot of ways.

    11. For the best bang for your buck, just buy Legacy Collection 2 on a flash sale. You will get 3 different game styles to try your hand at. 7 is unique, 8 is unique and 9 and 10 play just like the originals. If you don't like any of those, then you'll know not to bother.

    12. I wouldn't say 3-6 are anywhere near better than 11.

      5 is definitely the worst of that set. absolute worst weapon set too in the series.

      MM3 has some terrible weapons too, massive slow down if playing original, hit boxes are terrible, shadow man is a terrible battle, all the doc robots are MM2 battles but worse, and the wily stages are barely anything.

      6 has that annoying bug where you can't jump out of a slide, and some pretty bland robot master fights. most just go left to right. the only really noteworthy ones are blizzard and maybe tomohawk. rush jet adapter is super fun, but makes most level design pretty pointless.

      and imo, 7 is pretty awful. you gotta mash a lot, rush takes damage, and most of the weapons in 7 are pretty worthless. the stages are kinda okay, though turbo man's stage just rips off quick man.

      while, I'm not the biggest fan of 11, the weapons are pretty awesome, customization options are great, RM fights are pretty good. the stages while, some are flawed, are pretty good. the mechanics are decent though it could use some work. the instrumentation is just awful though.

    13. Both classic Legacy collections are worth buying along with 11, don’t listen to the haters. There isn’t really a bad game on the two classic collections. They are challenging games but not impossible.

    14. I don't care about the technical specs. A game is not limited to just it's technical specs. I don't expect perfection from the NES games in term of slow down. I mean, come on, they are NES games... They have technical limitations and, at the time, were pretty damn good on the hardware they run. I'd still rather play any of the original NES games over any star force or Battle Network game. I'll be honest I rarely use special weapons anyway. I stick to the buster most of the time.

      7 has the best story, characters and some solid music. It's presentation is pretty spot on and is the best representation of the world we have seen. Every NES game, save 1 and maybe 5, has better music than 11 did. Most of them have more game play than 11 did. 11 is too short and too "safe" as the discussion went. You get 8 full stages and 2 solid end stages with 2 baby stages that might as well not exist. 3-6 beat 11 in the stage department, hands down. It looks pretty, but is pretty forgettable. I don't have much urge to replay it anytime soon. Sure you get Dr. Light's challenge and a speed run, but you lose a lot of what the other games offered. Including characters that don't appear. Plot wise, MM1-4 and 7 had more impact on the lore than any other games. 11 filled in backstory but other than that accomplished nothing plot wise.

      I do agree Rockman and Forte is too hardcore to start, but it's not a numbered game anyway so I don't count it. I still can't beat that game, just because the last boss in King stage 2 is super annoying with a hit box at the very top of the screen. It's bad enough have to go through 3 other bosses, every time, just to GET that far. I don't have the patience to try again anymore. Whoever designed that stage is a masochist.

    15. Play Gravity Circuit; it will instantly remind you of MMX and MMZ, especially after the intro stage.

    16. The Gunvolt games are also a pretty good Mega Man style experience.

    17. I say go with MM11, it has the best everything outside of music, IMO. If 11 had a legendary OST like 2,3,4 etc, it would be the clear favorite for me. Also new game plus with infinite gear and weapon energy is power fantasy par excellence. The game is just fluid to play. If you get a chance watch a small portion of a speedrun of it.

    18. @Megatron X
      In that case, it's up to what you want.
      Do you want to finish the hardest one to get it out of the way? Then go with Rockman & Forte(Super Nintendo/Famicom version and I recommend the non-localized translation either with a pre-patched ROM or patch it yourself). Then 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 9, 4, 11, 6, 8 and 5.
      Do you want to see how the story develops? Then play them in order.
      Do you want something that's not too hard nor too easy? Then start with 4 which also résumés the backstory of 1.
      Does input lag bother you too much? Go with a CRT TV, a console and a cartridge/disc or an emulator that has the least amount of input lag. Otherwise go with the newest collection(Legacy). By the way, everything has input lag.
      Do you mind the alteration of the brightness of certain scenes in 8? Then except with Legacy, go with any method including the old collection(Anniversary).

      Anniversary comes with The Power Battle and Power Fighters which are two arcade games as unlockable games and has some unique content, but doesn't have anywhere near as much concept art as Legacy. It also has some emulation flaws that Legacy doesn't have. Legacy has most of the concept art, but is missing a piece of artwork of an unused enemy in 2(which said artwork was in prototype versions of the collection and its removal was the result of cowardice and ignorance) as well as some other art and other flaws.

      Personally, I never use the special weapons and only use the buster, but I do affirm that all the games should be beatable with it even though there are exceptions.
      All of them have pros and cons:
      11 has a Wily stage(Stage 3) that's so short it could be considered missing or incomplete and the last one is even shorter although it's normal for the very last one to not really be a stage but a couple of screens without or with very few enemies. They couldn't even program the transition of suspended animation in mid-air while going through a door that a Famicom/NES could do. As others mentioned, music is mediocre. It's very forgettable and I'm writing as someone that got all the gold medals and completed every achievement.
      8 Rock jogs too slow. Some gimmicks are annoying(Clown Man) and others weren't used to their full potential(Grenade Man). Lack of enemy variety and heavy reuse of existing ones.
      5 is so easy it plays itself. For some reason, you're rewarded with 1ups too often. Even without abusing the overpowered charge shot, it's a walk in the park.
      And the list goes on...
      It's your choice.

    19. my point is that MM9 and 10 make everything the NES has to offer obsolete. the NES games are all super flawed. MM1-3 are pretty bad games overall, as is MM5.

      MM11 is peak spectacle, as in, it is the flashiest, has the best graphics and presentations and a lot of mechanics to play around with. it has a lot of flaws, but it's the shiniest game, which is probably why people love it so much. I would put that comparable to MM7 and 8, which are more spectacle than anything.

      7 having the best story? wily had robots on standby, bass is traitor, wily is at it again. honestly, I'd say 8 has a better story, and powered up is the best for story and character. 7 is full of button mashing and game design is based around slowing things down dramatically. all weapons have slow rates of fire, using weaknesses make fights take longer rather because of the long animations they cause, almost every enemy has a move that either takes control away from the player, or freezes you requiring mashing. freeze man, I could understand, but when pretty much everyone grabs, traps, freezes, puts you on fire for like 3 seconds, or traps you in a bubble leading to an insta-death, it's a poorly designed game. it also keeps the flaw of MM6 with forcing you to change back from rush adapter because you happen to need to slide to progress. and it's one of the worst games to replay, with the unskippable almost 2 minute cutscene, and the unskippable painfully slow and boring cutscenes when you get a new weapon. I personally rank 7 as one of the worst games in the series.

      while you don't use weapons, they're still a MAJOR part of the games, and should be evaluated. same with E-tanks, in game stores, assist modes, difficulty levels, etc.

      MM11 teaches you how to use weapons in skippable totorials, it gives you a robust store with tons of upgrades to change the way you play, the power and speed gear give you more to do with weapons and gives you a easy way to learn mega man. it's really the best beginner game in the series. yeah, the music is garbo, and the length is comparable to mega man 1 and 2. but for that length, it's done very well.

    20. Whatever you say captain.

      Do whatever Erik says. He's the boss.

    21. Erik must really hate the classic games.

    22. nah, 9 and 10 are just the best. before 9 and 10, I'd have recommended some of the NES games, but 9 and 10 are just superior to them all in pretty much every conceivable way.

    23. I decided that I'm gonna play Mega Man 1, after I beat X4

    24. good luck. if you're starting from square one and moving onward, I recommend also trying powered up, and after finishing 3, try the wily wars.

      try out the game boy games too. not too sure where they fit in if at all, but I suppose after the NES games, they're fine.

    25. 9 really wasn’t that great of a game.

    26. Speaking of the Gameboy games, Mega Man 5 on gameboy is great. The space theme and the unique robot masters really stood out, great soundtrack and gameplay as well.

  5. Maybe i'l buy one myself.

  6. I can agree that Kotobukia’s prices are horrible. The average model from hobby link Japan is like $80 after shipping.

  7. Get that Megaman a sandwich! I like the head sculpt and the overall paint job, but the torso and the arms are so scrawny. I'm not one to pass on a $40 MM figure, but the $20 job I just got from Jada looks much better overall.

  8. I was on the fence for a while for this figure, but once I saw that preorders were almost filled, I caved and went for it.


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