Thursday, February 1, 2024

MDLX Rockman Pre-Orders Open February 11 (Updated)

To commemorate the start of Wonder Festival 2024, ThreeZero has officially unveiled the final design for MDLX Rockman. As expected, the figure features a wide range of articulation with a height of approximately 4-inches.

Additional images here.

Product description:

Based on the retro design, this fully articulated collectible figure stands approximately 4 inches (10.2 cm) tall. It features a body frame structure that combines metal and engineering plastic parts. This combination enhances joint stiffness, providing a satisfying and sturdy feel when posing and articulating the figure, despite his compact size.

MDLX Mega Man / Rockman includes two interchangeable faceplates, providing the option to switch between expressions. It also comes with one piece of iconic Rock Buster (also known as Mega Buster) forearm, which is interchangeable with either its left forearm or its right forearm. Also, it comes with a Charge Shot effect piece to attach to the tip of the Rock Buster, and an E can accessory for the life recovery! The interchangeable hand pieces are a pair of open hands and a pair of fists, allowing to recreate variety of dynamic poses. Also, a magnet is built-in inside each of its feet, allowing MDLX Mega Man / Rockman to adhere to metal surfaces!

According to ThreeZero, there will be two variants: a regular edition, which will be a available to preorder starting February 11th, 10am JST, and a "Limited Exhibition Edition" that can only be purchased at the following conventions:

February 11th: Wonder Festival 2024 in Chiba [Winter]

February 24th - March 25th: Beast Kingdom WOW! Spring Showcase in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

March 2nd-3rd: Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2024 in Jakarta

March 13th - April 14th: groundzero in Los Angeles, USA

March 30th - April 23rd: Armor Exhibition 2024 in Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

The Limited Exhibition Edition is said to include a special "pixel head" accessory that can be used to "recreate scenes from the games."

Price is yet to be determined. We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available.


  1. I'm only going to bother rolling over if it's got Die-cast armor. If not Sentinal and D arts are the same thing so I don't need it. Cool for the newbies though I guess. The cycle continues lol.

  2. So that means that the figure is already made or is the preorder gonna go up at that time? Cause it seems like the former.

  3. Seems to resemble the design from MM8 with its longer proportions compared to the Jada sticking closer to the classic design.

  4. This is in the "maybe" category. I'll wait and see what the price is and if this is a one off.
    That being said, I am not a fan of "limited" editions. Not going to pay a premium for that.

    1. More photos

    2. So the "pixel head" is a 1up? That's neat.

      I do like the idea of it having a good weight on it with the metal armor, but that face really isn't doing it for me. I prefer the look of the Sentinel one.

  5. ThreeZero does have their own shop:

    It looks like the Limited Edition bonus is just a pixelated 1up, which I could take or leave.

    This is a definite buy for me; I have several ThreeZero figures, and they are all excellent. I'm guessing the die-cast parts will at least be in the lower section of the figure to help with balance and posing.

    I love that it has magnets in the feet, too!

  6. My thoughts on price: the ThreeZero MDLX Dango figure -- which is comparably-sized -- is just $30, but is has way more paint than Rockman, and it also has light-up features, which Rock doens't have. (Bummer they didn't include a lighted head and/or buster.)

    I think there's a pretty good chance Rockman will come in at under $50 for the regular version.

  7. Eh... It's nice enough, so I'll probably get 1. But it's pretty underwhelming with everything that has come before, especially learning it's not going to be 1/6 scale. The heads are definitely inferior to the D-Arts in terms of style, though the articulation is better. Now if they make a Protoman this time, wake me up.

  8. Um... Sorry but... Another toy? Does Capcom even know we just want a new game...

    1. Capcom doesn’t care.

    2. It's not a toy, it's an Action figure !

    3. I'm not defending Capcom at all but at least we are still getting figures of Mega Man, could be worse we could be getting absolutely nothing at all.

    4. Hang on a bit until May. The whole announcing a figurine or model with an unknown design that later turns out to be a design for a new game is something that has already happened. At least, I can confirm they did this with 11 Roll and her new design that was originally unveiled for a nendoroid. You can look it up in this same blog. Supposedly, they did the same with Axl, but I don't personally know since I haven't found a source for that one. If nothing happens by then, wrath away.

    5. @Luke
      This is not how licensing works. Licensing intellectual property (like Rockman) for third-party merchandise is not related to making games. (Though that same IP can be licensed to make games, which does happen.)

      This is usually how the toy industry works: toy (and merchandise) companies bid for the right to use CAPCOM imagery and designs for their products. CAPCOM did not solicit the creation of this toy; ThreeZero reached-out to CAPCOM to acquire the license to make this figure, just like ThreeZero reached-out to Disney for the right to make Marvel figures, to Khara for Evangelion, etc.

      Making games and making figures/toys based on characters from those games are separate businesses. CAPCOM does not make toys. If we were to say: "Another Iron Man figure?! Why don't they make another movie instead?" it would be complete nonsense because the creation of "another figure" (by an unrelated company like ThreeZero) does not take resources away from the potential creation of another movie by Disney. The creation of another Rockman toy by ThreeZero does not take resources away from the potential creation of another Rockman game from CAPCOM. In fact: licensing fees may actually contribute to the creation of a new sequel, because the company which owns the IP is basically making money off a character/design/idea with virtually no investment, so they may be motivated to proliferate that idea/design/character on their own to create more interest in licensing.

      ThreeZero, Jada, Bandai, Kotobukiya, and other merchandise companies are literally contributing -- financially and creatively -- to keep Rockman alive.

      CAPCOM basically does nothing except take money from companies in-exchange for the right to make a figure (or figures, or model kits, or paper goods, etc.) featuring CAPCOM characters, and then there's someone internal at CAPCOM (or a team of people) who consult with the designers to make sure CAPCOM's intellectual property is properly represented.

      There will always be merchandise based on things (animation, movies, games, etc.) which will literally never have another entry in the original franchise or medium. People like designs, and the companies which own those designs like to license them because it's easy money. I would not be surprised if CAPCOM made more money off licensing their designs/characters/IP than they do from making games.

      One of the most lucrative (and therefore attractive) things any company can do is create a powerful IP and license it out to other companies.

  9. It's $40, people.
    $14 shipping to the US, so $54 total for me.
    Given my experience with ThreeZero figures: it's going to be great for the price.

  10. What or where is “groundzero” in Los Angeles? I can’t find any information anywhere.


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