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SMP Kit Makes Pose Rockman EXE 01 Review

With the "Year of Battle Network" still going strong, it's Bandai's turn to jack-in to the arena with their brand-new SMP Makes Pose Rockman EXE line. The question on everyone's mind is how these kits stack up against to Kotobukiya's Battle Network kits. Are they the long-awaited models we've been hoping for? Join me after the break as I delve into every aspect of these little guys!

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The SMP Kit Makes Pose Rockman EXE 01 set comes with a total of four model kits: MegaMan.EXE, Roll.EXE, GutsMan.EXE, and FireMan.EXE. While each build is different, the set as a whole shares some strengths and weaknesses. Before we cover each one individually, let's look at the line as a whole.

Let's start with the positives. With a single purchase, you'll receive a total of four kits, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious model kit enthusiasts. Each kit comes with at least one panel to build and connect to a stand. These can be used for dynamic posing, adding extra authenticity to your display! 

These kits are relatively easy to build, as they feature a lower number of pieces compared to the standard Kotobukiya kit, making for a quicker and more streamlined build session. As a bonus, each kit comes with a piece of candy - a nice little treat for a job well-done!

Now, onto the negatives. All four kits are pretty small.  Admittedly, this may not be an issue for everyone out there, but they're smaller in size compared to their Kotobukiya brothers. While they do scale perfectly with one another, their small size contributes to the omission of some finer details, not to mention weaker joints. 

Another area of concern is the reliance on stickers. Since these kits have fewer pieces overall, each one necessitates the use of stickers. They're relatively easy to apply, but be really careful with them. And that leads us into our next negative: fragility. While GutsMan.EXE or FireMan.EXE may not be prone to damage, it is advisable to exercise caution during the assembly process and when posing MegaMan.EXE and particularly Roll.EXE due to their smaller size.

Let's get into the individual kits starting with 01 himself: MegaMan.EXE. He's a very solid kit, and holds together very well. Though a bit limited in arm articulation, you can pull of a variety of poses. The biggest flaw he has is that it's very difficult to swap the faces out. I suggest using a toothpick to help loosen that piece up. Overall, a very solid base-line kit for this set. MegaMan.EXE comes with a standard face, a masked face, a Mega Buster, a sword, and one red panel.

Next up is 02: Roll.EXE. Sad to say, but Roll.EXE is definitely the weakest kit in this line-up. Although she has relatively loose forearm connections, her biggest issue lies with her hands, as they struggle to stay in place. While this might be specific to my kit, I have come across reports from others who also experienced difficulties with her hands. You should definitely proceed with caution and be mindful of potential issues with hand stability.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make joints and connections more secure, such as using a bit of Blu Tack to secure the loose bits. All that said, Roll.EXE looks fantastic when you get her posed. She comes with fist hands, open hands, the Roll Arrow, and two red panels.

Onto 03: GutsMan.EXE. One of the real highlights of this set, he's an absolute unit! Being so large gives GutsMan.EXE a much sturdier feel. He is able to hit basically any pose you'd want for him without any fear that he may fall apart. The legs, however, are in a fixed position, but his feet are articulated so you can still get pretty creative. He is a joy to put together and to pose. GutsMan.EXE comes with fist hands, Guts Hammer, a Mettaur (with a pickaxe!), and one blue panel.

Lastly, let's talk about the silver medalist of this set, 04: FireMan.EXE. While FireMan.EXE may have fewer points of articulation compared to the other figures, it doesn't hinder the range of poses you can achieve with him. Although his head can't turn, his arms are expressive enough to easily replicate his  battle-ready and damaged poses. Like GutsMan.EXE, his larger scale makes him more sturdy. His build was very unique and fun. FireMan.EXE comes with flame effects for his head and arms, a Canodumb (that can be disassembled and used as a Cannon arm for MegaMan.EXE), and two blue panels.

Overall, this set is very fun. Each of the four builds brings something different to the table, so it never gets repetitive. While not reaching the quality or size of the Kotobukiya's Battle Network kits, these are very satisfactory. Getting four kits at once gives you instant access to a playset for your display, using the panels to recreate a battlefield. These are definitely worth using your sense and skill on.

Hopefully, Bandai continues this line and includes more fan-favorite characters like ProtoMan.EXE and Bass.EXE. If you have these or are planning to buy them, sound off below and let us know what you think!

SMP Kit Makes Pose Rockman EXE 01


  1. Where do these kits use stickers?
    It would have been nice to include a shot of the sticker sheet(s), and even the model runners with the pieces on them for this review.

    1. The eyes on every character, the emblems on the chest and ears, the details on Guts' helmet, all the small details on Roll.

    2. Those are all the stickers I remember off the top of my head. There aren't too many, but I'd rather no stickers at all.

  2. Thank you, I thought I was the only one who was really disappointed with the Roll.EXE kit. I wish Kotobukiya didn’t cancel the kit for her.

    1. I don't think it WAS cancelled. They are slow as molasses is all. They announced RM11 Rock a long time ago, and it's still not out.


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